Technology Used In Law Enforcement

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They include computers and IT, geographic information system (GIS), video surveillance networks, and global positioning system (GPS) used for tracking patrol cars and stolen vehicles, as well as DNA testing equipment, wireless access in patrol cars, automated fingerprint identification system, and the gunshot detection system (Gascón & Todd, 2010).

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2. Facial Recognition Software. One of the more controversial emerging police technologies involves the use of facial recognition software. When this tool first made its way into law enforcement repertoires, many were concerned that it would be used unethically.
3. Biometrics. Police have been using fingerprints to identify people for more than a century. Now, in addition to facial recognition and DNA, there is an ever-expanding array of biometric (and behavioral) characteristics being utilized by law enforcement and the intelligence community.
4. Voice Technology. An officer’s patrol car is like a mobile command center, meaning there are numerous computers and tools that an officer can use while on the road.
5. Robots. Many law enforcement agencies are now using next-generation robotic cameras to deliver visual and audio surveillance of potential crime scenes that may be too dangerous or too hard for officers to reach.
6. Video Doorbells. Video doorbells have been installed by thousands of homeowners as a way to enhance home security and give them peace of mind. It turns out, though, that these surveillance systems are also helping law enforcement when it comes to criminal investigations.
7. ShotSpotter. “Shots fired!” is not an uncommon dispatch from witnesses or officers on patrol, but pinpointing the exact location of the gunfire takes up precious time when every moment counts.
8. Thermal Imaging. Thermal imaging has become an important police technology tool that is especially helpful in dark conditions. Thermal image cameras, some available as small hand-held units, utilize infrared imaging to detect heat emitted by such objects as humans and animals, and to deliver a “heat picture” or “heat map” of the environment in question.
9. Artificial Intelligence. The ongoing expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) means more data is being generated, collected and analyzed than ever before — much of which can be incredibly valuable in a law enforcement context.
10. Smarter Cruisers. Police cruisers have come a long way since the first police car hit the streets of Akron, Ohio, in 1899 (with a gong for a siren and a cell in the back for prisoners).
11. Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) The same technology that enables toll collectors to automatically scan and collect the registration numbers and letters on your license plate to charge you a fee is now being used by police for a variety of law enforcement purposes, from identifying stolen cars to catching up with people who have active warrants or monitoring “Amber Alerts.”


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The use of predictive analytic software can also greatly aid in law enforcement. This technology can be able to forecast the most likely location that a certain type of crime is likely to take place. Armed with this information, security agencies can more efficiently distribute their manpower, concentrating more on high-risk locations (Policing the Future, 2012). This is …


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1. Robotic cameras. Police officers can’t be everywhere at once at a crime scene, and some situations are too dangerous to risk sending officers. That’s why robots have been specially designed to deploy into places officers can’t reach safely.
2. Handheld lasers. Law enforcement agencies are now using handheld lasers in crime scene investigations. Sorry, sci-fi fans—they’re probably not the type of lasers you’re picturing.
3. Automatic license plate recognition. Those letters and numbers on our cars help law enforcement officers determine if vehicles are stolen or if the owners are wanted.
4. Unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) If you thought remote control camera robots were cool, you’ll be excited to hear that some law enforcement agencies have experimented with using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), sometimes known as drones.
5. Tablets. That’s right—one integral piece of law enforcement technology is one you may have sitting on your desk right now: iPads and other tablets. It may not seem like much, but ever since iPads have been introduced to police departments around the country, officers’ job have become increasingly more versatile.
6. GPS vehicle-pursuit dart. Imagine the classic car-chase scene: Police cruisers careening after one wild driver with helicopters following from above. It’s a dangerous situation, full of dangerous variables.
7. Thermal imaging. It might sound like a tool you’d find in the Batcave, but the thermal imaging technology we use in the medical world has made its way to the crime scene.
8. Gunshot detection systems. Now being implemented in a few U.S. cities, the gunshot detection systems (GDS), or ShotSpotter, is a system that shows police officers where a gunshot has just been fired.


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Technology in law enforcement and corrections was supposed to change our world. The thought was that an array of technological strategies would reduce crime and make the lives of criminal justice personnel easier. From my own experiences, that simply hasn’t happened. RTI International and the Police Executive Research Forum was funded by the National Institute of …


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Law Enforcement and Technology: Understanding the Use of Technology for Policing for - Compare prices of 1592869 products in Books from 521 Online Stores in Australia. Save with!


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Another great technological advancement that law enforcement agencies are using every day is GPS systems. GPS systems allow for officer monitoring and tracking which can be especially helpful if a police officer is in a situation where he or …


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Beyond cameras, systems like GPS are being extensively used by law enforcement too. It allows quicker response to calls by GPS directions, but it also allows departments to have an overview of police officer distribution in a city to …


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Nathan has created a first of its kind 1 day and 3 day California POST certified courses on the Ethical Use of Technology by Law Enforcement. Nathan travels throughout the State of California providing training to officers and their agencies to educate, prevent and mitigate the damage caused by inappropriate use of technology by law enforcement employees. Nathan …


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The Police1 Police Technology product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching the latest in law enforcement technology. It covers a broad range of technology products, including biometrics, dispatch equipment, cameras and video tools, night vision, thermal imaging, robotics, and surveillance equipment.


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New Technology and Its Impact on the Practice of Law. There is no doubt that technology has had a significant impact on work life across industries and practice areas. The practice of law is no exception. Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, alternative methods of practicing law have proven invaluable. Written by Jacalyn Crecelius, J.D.


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Law enforcement officers can use heat images to get a visual representation of their surroundings. Thermal imaging technology is particularly useful when there is little to no visibility. Thermal imaging technology has made it substantially easier for law enforcement officers to: Find suspects in dark rooms Investigate poorly lit crime scenes


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4 Technology issues influencing law enforcement today. 1. Facial recognition technology. If you’ve ever watched a spy movie, you are probably familiar with a representation of facial recognition technology. With the right type of camera, algorithms can scan human faces in a crowd and search for matching features in image databases.


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Wireless technology is a fast growing technology that is helping the individual police officers as well as the agencies themselves. In San Francisco, the transit police officers have been given a wireless live video feed.


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The same technology can be used by law enforcement agencies to keep 'law enforcement secrets' away from the criminal element. It has worked well for the military and corporations. It should certainly work just as well for law enforcement agencies. Military strength file encryption software is available for government and corporate computer users from a variety of …


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The paper reviews the pros and cons of technology use in law enforcement endeavors and analyze some examples to illustrate their possible effects. Writing Help Login Writing Tools. Research Title Generator Summarizing Tool Thesis Statement Generator Paraphrasing Tool Title Page Generator Lit. Guides; More. Expert Q&A Study Blog About Us …


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or used in conjunction with the original Law Enforcement Tech Guide (how to plan, purchase and manage technology (successfully!) published by the COPS Office in 2002. That guide and many of our other knowledge-based resources can be downloaded from, or they can be ordered free of charge by calling the COPS Office

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current technology used in law enforcement?

“The development of non-lethal weapons for individual and crowd control is a high priority issue for Law Enforcement technology, current technology included Tasers, chemical sprays and soft projectiles, emerging technologies includes the use of light and sound devices for controlling crowds. ” 6 5.

What would law enforcement look like without technology?

Without technology, law enforcement will be trailing behind criminal activity, unprepared for the risks and danger that these individuals bring to society. Technological innovations are being utilized by law enforcement agencies globally, empowering officers by keeping them better informed and more efficient.

How effective is law enforcement without computer systems?

Effective law enforcement in the world we live in today is nearly impossible without the use of computer systems and computer networks.

How can i use the law enforcement tech guide?

It can be used as a stand-alone resource or used in conjunction with the original Law Enforcement Tech Guide (how to plan, purchase and manage technology (successfully!)published by the COPS Office in 2002. That guide and many of our other knowledge-based resources can be downloaded from

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