Recent Employment Law Issues

The top 7 recent employment law cases you should know

1. U.S. Supreme Court Issues Landmark Civil Rights Decision. Bostock v. Clayton County, 590 U.S. (2020) The Supreme Court has issued a landmark decision in Bostock v. Clayton County, holding that Title VII prohibits discrimination against employees based upon sexual orientation and transgender status.
2. Unlawful Employment Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic. During these uncertain times, employers and employees alike are struggling to understand their legal rights and obligations.
3. Breach of Contract Damages for the Loss of One’s Life’s Work. Hlatky v. Steward Health Care System, Inc., 484 Mass. 566 (2020) Following a jury trial, Dr. Hlatky, an experienced cancer researcher, was awarded $10 million in damages in a breach of contract action against her former employer, Steward Health.
4. Non-Competition Agreements and the “Material Change” Doctrine. Now Bus. Intel., Inc. v. Donahue, C.A. No. 17-3732 (Middlesex Sup Ct. Apr. 1, 2020) A non-competition agreement may become unenforceable if, after execution, the terms and conditions of employment are modified to the point where the parties have effectively abandoned the original employment agreement and entered into a new employment agreement.
5. Anti-SLAPP Motion Revived. Rosario v. Caring Bees Healthcare, Inc., C.A. No. 19-P-1223 (Mass. App. Ct. June 5, 2020) Retaliatory lawsuits designed to silence one from speaking out are referred to as strategic lawsuits against public participation, or “SLAPP Suits,” and are expressly forbidden in Massachusetts.
6. Enforcement of Arbitration Agreements. Theodore v. Uber Technologies, Inc., C.A. No. 18-cv-12147 (D. Mass. Mar. 3, 2020) Many executives (and employees generally) are subject to arbitration clauses of which they are unaware until a dispute arises.
7. The Process – and Not Just the Final Decision – Matters. Comcast Corp. v. Nat’l Assoc. of African American-Owned Media, 140 S.Ct. 1009 (2020) In Comcast, the Supreme Court of the United States unanimously held that the but-for causation standard applies to claims of racial discrimination raised under 42 U.S.C. §

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Labor Laws and Issues USAGov

Mining: Contact the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) at 1-800-746-1553 or file online to report mine safety or health hazards. Interstate Trucking: If you have a problem, such as being forced to drive in unsafe conditions, fill out the online complaint form. Or you can call 1-888-DOT-SAFT ( 1-888-368-7238 ).

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Employment Law Changes 2020: New Labor Laws and …

Employment & Labour Law 2021 USA ICLG

1. This is the big one. The long-awaited changes to the federal overtime ruleswere finalized last fall and took effect on January 1, 2020. The old salary threshold, which stated workers need to earn at least $455 per week to be considered exempt from overtime pay, has been raised to $684 per week, or $35,568 per year. Up to 10% of the salary minimum can be made up of commissions, bonuses, and other incentives that are paid out once a year or more frequently. As a result of the increase, several...
2. Twenty-one states increased their minimum wage rates on January 1, with four more plus the District of Columbia bumping rates up later in 2020. New York State also saw an increase on December 31, 2019, which brought the minimum wage for small employers in New York Cityto $15 an hour. As with overtime, many states and municipalities have their own minimum wage rates, and employees are always entitled to the highest applicable rate.
3. The DOL’s H-2B programallows employers to hire non-immigrants on a temporary, seasonal basis for certain non-agricultural jobs (the H-2A program is similar, but for agricultural jobs). A final rule effective December 16, 2019, removes the old requirement that employers post H-2B job opportunities in local print newspapers. The DOL will now post these opportunities on its own website.
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Employment Law issues for 2020: Are you compliant? …

For all federal laws, go right to the source: Summary of the Major Laws of the Department of Labor For state laws: State Departments of Labor . Employment Law issues to watch for 2020. Littler: Shining a Light on Key Issues as we Leap into 2020; SHRM Blog: Changes to Workplace Law for 2020; National Law Review: Spoiler Alert! It’s Going to Be

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HotButton Employment Law Issues in 2020 The

This week I want to talk about seven (7) Hot-Button Employment Law Issues that employers should watch out for in 2020 and beyond. Here they are: Marijuana Legalization — currently 11 states and the District of Columbia legalize marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. They are: Alaska, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine

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Biggest Issues in Employment Law in 2020 Ally Law

Stephanie Loughner, Partner and Co-Chair of the firm’s Employment Group, recently spoke with Jessica Folker at Law Week Colorado about the biggest issues in employment law in 2020, including COVID-19 concerns, work from home best practices and new Colorado legislation such as the Colorado Overtime and Minimum Pay Standards Order.MORE.

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5 of the Most Recent Changes in Employment Laws …

Employment laws can change for a variety of reasons across local, state and federal jurisdictions. Sometimes landmark cases are the catalyst for changes, while often societal shifts or new best practices lead to new policies. Whatever the case may be, keeping up with employment law is an essential part of business.

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Free and LowCost Legal Assistance for New Yorkers

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Legal Research and News VitalLaw

November 19, 2021 By Rodney F. Tonkovic, J.D. New Rule 10c-1 would enhance the transparency and efficiency of the securities lending market by requiring data to be reported and made public in short order. By unanimous vote, the SEC has advanced two new proposed rules: one is intended to increase the transparency and efficiency of the

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The Employment Law 2019 Horizon: top 12 hot topics

On a business as usual front, 1 April will see the National Minimum Wage annual increases: rate for 25+ year olds (the national living wage) from £7.83 to £8.21 per hour. rate for 21 to 24 year olds from £7.38 to £7.70 per hour. rate for …

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Employment Laws: Overview and Resources for Employers U

The Job Accommodation Network (JAN) is a free service sponsored by DOL's Office of Disability Employment Policy that provides information on the employment provisions of the ADA and other disability-related laws, and on specific job accommodations for people with disabilities. JAN can be contacted by calling 1- 800-526-7234 or 1-800-ADA-WORK (1

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9 employment law issues you need to watch The Business

1. Wage and hour law: New FLSA guidance. The Trump administration is not defending the previous’ administration’s rule, which would have raised the salary thresholds for certain exempt employees to $913 a week.
2. Health care law — the ACA. Changes to current health care laws remain top-of-mind for individuals and employers. As of this writing, the Affordable Care Act (the ACA) is still the law.
3. Employee use of social media. Companies are increasingly concerned about how employees use social media, both in the office and outside of the workplace.
4. Independent contractors. The misclassification of employees as independent contractors or freelancers is a hot topic and an area of enforcement to watch closely.
5. Marijuana in the workplace. As more states legalize marijuana use for medical or recreational purposes, employers continue to struggle with how to address the issue in the workplace.
6. Paid leave and parental leave law. While we wait to see what the current administration’s plans for paid parental leave will look like, states are busy passing their own laws.
7. Equal pay legislation and enforcement. The Equal Pay Act applies to all employers regardless of how many workers they employ. The law does not require an intent to discriminate, so whether an employer realized its actions were discriminatory is irrelevant.
8. Discrimination, harassment and retaliation. With a steady increase in the number of claims filed against employers and changing guidance at the federal level, it’s more important than ever for companies to consult with human resources and legal experts about whether some actions may be considered discrimination, harassment or retaliation.
9. Business immigration and visa holders in the workplace. Immigration reform policies continue to evolve, and changes to business immigration laws remain in flux.

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Employment Law Andrews & Price LLC

Employment Law. Our attorneys have experience in assisting our clients: Retain their best employees and terminate staff when required. Protect the school through reduction in force or staff reassignments. Resolve problems regarding breach of contract, grievances, unemployment compensation, workers’ compensation or failure to hire allegations.

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Future of Labor and Employment Law: Power, Policies, and

Washburn Law's Center for Law and Government and the Washburn Law Journal are pleased to host the "Future of Labor and Employment Law: Power, Policies, and Politics Symposium.". With Congress gridlocked, federal agencies are increasingly at the forefront of regulatory change in labor and employment law. Supporters of these administrative initiatives defend them as both …

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Employment Law News GovDocs: Employment Law. Simplified.

Employment Law News keeps you up to date with the latest changes to labor law postings and workplace issues that affect North America’s …

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Top 50 Workplace Law Stories Of 2019 Employment and HR

New Jersey Bars Common Workplace Contract And Settlement Terms – Employers in New Jersey needed to immediately adjust their employment contracts and settlement agreements to come into compliance with a sweeping new law that took effect in 2019. New Jersey's governor signed Senate Bill 121 on March 18, which limits employment

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Employment law updates: important changes for employers

Employment law is constantly on the move. We keep track of the latest employment law changes so you don't have to. Below you'll find our regular round-up of legislation, case updates and helpful guides. For a list of …

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Top Five Employment Law Issues for 2019 Lexology

Looking back on 2019, we saw lots of interesting developments across many areas of employment law. Some of the major talking points and themes for…

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Current Issues in Labor & Employment Law National Law

Current Issues in Labor & Employment Law. The economy and technology are changing, and with them the laws governing the workplace. This week, we examine a few of the trends, including an important

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Employment Law Forums, Articles And Free Employment Legal

Labor and Employment Law Forums, Articles And Free Legal Advice. Employment Law Resources. Learn your rights in the workplace, including workplace safety, discrimination, harrassment, family and medical leave, wages and benefits and more. Discover answers in our Employment Law Forums and labor law articles. Find Employment and Labor Lawyers.

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New Employment Laws for 2018 to Be Aware Of OnDeck

With the new presidency, many employers are wondering how employment laws will evolve over the next few years. Many issues are still in flux, including those concerning national worker board nominations, healthcare policies and immigration law. In December 2017, more than 40 employment-related bills were worked on across 20 states and

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Employment Law: Challenges & Trends Video & Lesson

The employment law ensures that workers are treated fairly and are kept safe while under the employment of a workplace. The law, however, also can be used to protect the interests of the employer

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Employment and Labor Law Articles

Employment and Labor Law Articles Legal articles about Employment and Labor In a recent decision, the Belgian Supreme Court has given its green light for employers to dismiss an employee and to simultaneously agree on an all-in termination package with this employee. Thus, the Supreme Court enables the employer to dismiss an employee in an

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Looking Ahead: The 5 Biggest Employment Law Trends for

As 2019 winds down, employers should keep an eye on the five biggest employment law trends for 2020. ..Sexual orientation discrimination: legal or …

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Employment & Labour Law 2021 USA ICLG

1. Terms and Conditions of Employment. 1.1 What are the main sources of employment law? There are federal, state and local employment laws. The primary federal employment laws are: Title VII (of the Civil Rights Act); the Americans with Disabilities Act; the Age Discrimination in Employment Act; the Equal Pay Act; the Fair Labor Standards Act; the Family and Medical Leave Act; the Immigration Reform and Control Act; the National Labor Relations Act; the Occupational Safety and Health Act; the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA); the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act; and Executive Order 11246 for government contractors.
2. Employee Representation and Industrial Relations. 2.1 What are the rules relating to trade union recognition? The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) governs union recognition and provides for union recognition when a majority of employees vote for a union in a secret ballot election or when an employer recognises a union based on a majority of employees having signed authorisation cards.
3. Discrimination. 3.1 Are employees protected against discrimination? If so, on what grounds is discrimination prohibited? Employees are protected against discrimination on the basis set forth in question 1.2 above.
4. Maternity and Family Leave Rights. 4.1 How long does maternity leave last? Under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), eligible employees are provided up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave per year.
5. Business Sales. 5.1 On a business sale (either a share sale or asset transfer) do employees automatically transfer to the buyer? Employees do not automatically transfer to a buyer, but this is the case in a share sale because the employing entity remains the same.
6. Termination of Employment. 6.1 Do employees have to be given notice of termination of their employment? How is the notice period determined? At-will employees do not have to be given notice of termination nor do unionised employees unless a collective bargaining agreement otherwise provides.
7. Protecting Business Interests Following Termination. 7.1 What types of restrictive covenants are recognised? The enforceability of restrictive covenants is determined by state law and varies depending on the jurisdiction.
8. Data Protection and Employee Privacy. 8.1 How do employee data protection rights affect the employment relationship? Can an employer transfer employee data freely to other countries?
9. Court Practice and Procedure. 9.1 Which courts or tribunals have jurisdiction to hear employment-related complaints and what is their composition? Federal courts have jurisdiction to adjudicate employment-related cases arising out of federal employment law and employment cases where the parties are citizens of different states or a non-United States citizen.
10. Response to COVID-19. 10.1 Are there any temporary special measures in place to support employees and businesses during the COVID-19 emergency? The Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) and the CARES Act expanded FMLA leave and unemployment coverage for employees and provided loan options for employers.

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Low and NoCost Options for Legal Representation

Some low and no-cost options for legal representation include public defenders. Public defenders represent clients as vigorously and competently as private, for-pay attorneys. There is no right to a free attorney in civil matters, but local Legal Aid offices will offer low and no-cost legal representation to those who can’t afford to pay.

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5 Recent Trends in Employment Law Affecting Your Business

5 Recent Trends in Employment Law Affecting Your Business business solutions As employment law continues to become more local, compliance with federal laws may not be necessarily enough. Employers must understand which state and local employment laws affect them. By Felice B. Ekelman, Douglas J. Klein, and Allison M. Benz Jackson Lewis P.C.

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8 Workplace Legal Trends for 2018 SHRM

Legal protections for employees are likely to expand at the state level in 2018 but shrink under federal law. Here’s what employment law attorneys say HR professionals can expect in the new year.

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Employment Law Explained Free Legal Resource on UpCounsel

Employment law is a broad area of law that focuses on the employer/employee relationship. Employment law consists of thousands of federal and state statutes, including administrative regulations. A few areas to think about are: working conditions, employment terms, wages, hours, discrimination, dismissal, unions and collective bargaining.

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Employment Law Issues Continue Forward Motion in 2019

Employment law issues in 2019 will mirror those of 2018. The past 12 to 18 months have brought a maelstrom of public attention to employment-related issues including sexual harassment structural

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Top 3 Key Employment and Labor Law Issues in 2017

By: Amanda Griffin Summary: If your law firm practices employment and labor law you should read this article to find out what the biggest 3 employment law issues are this year. Legal counsels are charged with almost the impossible when they are given big expectations without much support. Organizations often lack the necessary policies and practices without even …

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2020 Top Legal Issues in The Auto National Law Review

The National Law Review - National Law Forum LLC 4700 Gilbert Ave. Suite 47 #230 Western Springs, IL 60558 Telephone (708) 357-3317 or toll free (877) 357-3317. If you would ike to contact us via

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Employment Law and Trends Human Resources Today

New employment laws to watch in 2020. Insperity. JANUARY 9, 2020. Every new year brings new employment laws, and 2020 is no different. There are some big changes employers need to know about at the federal, state and local levels. Many of those new rules have 2020 deadlines that employers must comply with. Pay equity laws.

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Employment Law Trends to Watch in 2020 Employment Law

New York (S6577): Effective October 11, 2019, this law bans mandatory arbitration agreements covering employment discrimination claims under New York laws. This law will likely be challenged on preemption grounds, given that, in June 2019, a New York federal court held that the precursor to this law, banning mandatory arbitration agreements of

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Labor Law Questions and Answers

Labor Law Questions and Answers. Get help with your Labor law homework. Access the answers to hundreds of Labor law questions that are explained in a way that's easy for you to understand.

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Labor and Employment Law: A Career Guide

not uphold the legal rights of employees, they find a new one. The schemes and scams seem endless.” Some of the most current and controversial issues in labor and employment law involve collective bargaining, discrimination, wage and hour regulations, immigration issues, health care benefits, and pension security.

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Employment law changes from 6 April 2020 Acas

1. The Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay Act 2018 gives all employed parents the right to 2 weeks' paid leave if their child aged under 18 dies, or if they have a stillbirth at 24 weeks or later. See our advice on parental bereavement leave and pay.

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A Look Ahead: 5 Employment Law Trends to Watch in 2019

What are the key employment law developments most likely to influence your workplace in 2019? Although we don’t have a crystal ball, we do have a keen understanding of the issues expected to heat up this year. This free webinar will offer an insightful overview of the major legal trends every employer should be watching.

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Employment Law Updates UK CIPD

Recent and forthcoming legislation. Keep up to date with the latest employment law developments and proposed future changes. This timetable outlines the major changes to UK employment legislation from 2019 to 2021, and what's expected beyond that time period. For information on employment law in Northern Ireland, CIPD members can see our factsheet.

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What Are the Lowest Paid Legal Jobs?

Times are tough—in one very extreme case, a Boston law office offered a starting salary of just $10,000 per year to a recent law graduate. Boston College Law advertised a job on their careers site at a small local firm that was expected to pay around $10,000 for the first year.

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Top 10 Employment Law Articles LegalMatch

1. Wrongful or Tortious Interference with Contracts. "Wrongful or tortious interference with contracts" happens when a person causes another person to commit a breach of contract, or when a person disrupts the ability of another person to perform his or her contractual obligations.
2. Wrongful Termination in Texas. It is more difficult to prove a wrongful termination claim in Texas than in most other states. However, that does not mean that it’s impossible; there are narrow circumstances when an employee can bring a wrongful termination claim in Texas.
3. Hostile Work Environment Harassment. Was it a bad move to tell your secretary a "dumb blonde" joke? The answer is that it depends on the context. A hostile work environment exists when an employee fears going to work because of offensive, intimidating, or oppressive atmosphere generated by a harasser.
4. Employment Discrimination. The federal government and most states have laws that prohibit workplace discrimination based on certain "protected" characteristics.
5. Unfair Termination: What Is Unfair? Employers often have valid reasons for terminating their workers—such as taking a two-year "vacation," or building a fort around their desk and requiring everyone to give a "password" before they can enter.
6. Employment Discrimination Case. This article discusses how to prove an employment discrimination case.
7. On-Call Employment Wage Law. On-call employment is when a worker is on standby until her boss calls her into work. This article discusses when an employer is required to pay a worker for on-call time and how a court would determine on-call eligibility.
8. Wrongful Terminations. Wrongful termination laws vary from state to state. This article discusses the law that the majority of states follow.
9. How to File a Wrongful Termination Suit. This article discusses the process for filing a wrongful termination claim with the EEOC, when you can file a lawsuit, and how to prove your wrongful termination claim.
10. Rights of Those Accused of Sexual Harassment. People who are accused of sexual harassment have the right to defend themselves in a fair, impartial, and speedy court of law.

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2018, 2019 and Employment Law Human Resources Today

Get ready for 2019 new labor and employment laws. Business Management Daily. DECEMBER 17, 2018. With 2019 just around the corner, now is the time to preview labor and employment laws that will soon affect employers. The post Get ready for 2019 new labor and employment laws appeared first on Business Management Daily.

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Major New Employment Laws that You Need to Know About

If you would like more information on new employment laws that will affect your business in 2018, contact Schneiders & Associates, L.L.P. and enroll in the 2018 Employment Law Update to be held in Ventura, California. This important seminar will cover all the new employment laws that will take effect in 2018. By: Ted Schneider, Esq.

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2021 / How Much Does a Lawyer Cost? (See Prices Near You

The cost of your lawyer will be based on the reason why you need a lawyer (type of law practiced), the level of experience your lawyer has, your geographic location, and more. There are lawyers who cost as much as $1,000 per hour, but the average cost for most people who need legal representation for regular cases will be $200–$400 per hour.

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Employment & Labour Law 2021 UK Laws and Regulations

ICLG - Employment & Labour Laws and Regulations - United Kingdom covers common issues in employment and labour laws and regulations – terms and conditions of employment, employee representation and industrial relations, discrimination, maternity and family leave rights and business sales – in 35 jurisdictions. Published: 26/03/2021.

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Tax Issues in M&A Transactions Nishith Desai

Tax Issues in M&A Transactions About NDA We are an India Centric Global law firm ( with four offices in India and the only law firm with license to practice Indian law from our Munich, Singapore, Palo Alto and New York offices. We are a firm of specialists and the go-to firm for companies that want to conduct business

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Employment Law Solicitors Irwin Mitchell

1. Our lawyers can help you at any stage of your employment: 1. Before you start your job We can help you negotiate and review your employment contract, as well as advise on restrictive covenants. 2. Disputes while employed Including disciplinary and grievance issues. Our team can advise on bullying, harassment, discrimination and family-friendly rights. 3. Issues with leaving If your employer has unfairly dismissed you, forced you out, or made you redundant, we can help you negotiate a suitable settlement agreement and severance package. 4. Issues post-termination Your employment contract and other documents may contain restrictions on your future activity. We can advise on whether these restrictions are enforceable, or defend you if a breach of contract claim is made.

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300+ TOP Labour Law MCQs and answers Quiz Online 2021 [LATEST]

28. Labour Law mitigates the differences between the two ever warring groups namely. A. Employee & union B. Employer & Union C. Employee & Employer D. None of the above. 29. Employment laws deals with. A. employment contracts B. issues regarding employment C. workplace discrimination D. All of the above. 30. Labour Law emerged when the

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are minimum employment terms and conditions set down by law?

Yes, minimum employment terms and conditions are set down by federal, state, and local laws. Under the FLSA, employers are required to pay covered employees the federal minimum wage and overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 hours per week.

What are the lowest paid legal jobs?

The following are some of the lowest-paid legal jobs, for your reference. Public defenders have the tough job of representing criminals who cannot pay for or cannot find their representation for an upcoming hearing or trial. They are notoriously overworked and underpaid, as are many people in the public service sector of the law.

What are the hot topics for employment law in 2019?

The 2019 employment law hot topics Family friendly: Shared parental leave pay; Extended redundancy protection; Bereavement leave; Publishing & advertising policies Sexual harassment: Code of practice & consultations; Non-disclosure agreements Employment status: New statutory test; Uber heads to the Supreme Court; IR35 tax change

Which 9 employment law issues do you need to watch?

9 employment law issues you need to watch 1. Wage and hour law: New FLSA guidance 2. Health care law — the ACA 3. Employee use of social media 4. Independent contractors 5. Marijuana in the workplace 6. Paid leave and parental leave law 7. Equal pay legislation and enforcement 8. Discrimination, harassment and retaliation