Louisiana Lawyer Disciplinary Board

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In 1990, the Supreme Court of Louisiana established the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board, a statewide agency to administer the lawyer discipline and disability system. Members of the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board are appointed by the Court. Both lawyers and non-lawyer citizens are appointed to serve on the Board. Board members volunteer their time in …

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The Louisiana Supreme Court continues to address public concerns regarding attorney misconduct. In 1990, the Court established the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board, which became the first attorney disciplinary system in the nation to incorporate the American Bar Association’s Model Rules for Disciplinary Enforcement, the hallmark of which is the use of …


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Therefore, the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board is not able to confirm or deny that a complaint has been filed against an attorney, that an attorney is being investigated for an alleged violation of the Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct, or that an attorney has received private discipline. Only current administrative suspensions are shown on the website. Those …


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Rule 5.5d Employment Registration Statement. Pursuant to Rule 5.5d of the Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct, a lawyer shall not employ, contract with as a consultant, engage as an independent contractor, or otherwise join in any other capacity, any person the attorney knows or reasonably should know is a suspended attorney during the period of suspension unless first …


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Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board Formal Hearing Practice Guide Published by the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board 2800 Veterans Memorial Boulevard Suite 310 Metairie, Louisiana 70002 (504) 834-1488 or (800) 489-8411 . Rev. 9/29/2014 JDH i Table of Contents Introduction.. 1 Chapter 1 – Disciplinary Proceedings.. 2 I. The Filing of Formal …

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Disciplinary Board - Judicial Administrator's Office - Louisiana Supreme Court.


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Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board Hearing Committees. Edward Hebert II. Hearing Committee #55 recommended the respondent be permanently disbarred for the unauthorized practice of law. While suspended, the respondent represented a client in a judicial proceeding by using the bar number of another attorney. The respondent also converted the …


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These lawyers were the subject of Louisiana Supreme Court disciplinary orders or Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board recommendations that were made public during the month of April 2017. Louisiana Supreme CourtChanning J. Warner. The court granted an ODC petition to revoke probation, making the respondent's deferred suspension for one year and …


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The rules for lawyer discipline are set forth in Louisiana Supreme Court Rule XIX (effective April 1, 1990), wherein the Court created the statewide agency called the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board. That agency consists of the Board, Hearing Committees, Disciplinary Counsel and staff. Rule XIX, § 2A. While the agency is a unitary one, the prosecutorial and …


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To register a complaint against a lawyer with the lawyer discipline system, you should contact the Disciplinary Counsel's office. To make a complaint with the Disciplinary Counsel's office or obtain a complaint form, write to the following: Disciplinary Counsel. 4000 South Sherwood Forest Blvd., Suite 607. Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70816-4388.


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These lawyers were the subject of Louisiana Supreme Court disciplinary orders or Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board recommendations that were made public during the month of February 2016. Louisiana Supreme CourtWalter C. Dumas. The Court suspended the respondent from the practice of law on an interim basis pursuant to Supreme Court Rule XIX, …


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Find information on Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board, including this businesses SIC code(s), NAICS code(s) and General Liabilility Class code(s). Establishments which are headed by members of the bar and are primarily engaged in offering legal advice or services. Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board is located at 4000 S Sherwood Forest Blvd Baton Rouge, LA …


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These lawyers were the subject of Louisiana Supreme Court disciplinary orders or Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board recommendations that were made public during the month of December 2017. Louisiana Supreme CourtDounnisei Kuo Gbalazeh. The court suspended the respondent for a year and one day. The respondent enrolled as counsel on …


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Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board is a firm serving Baton Rouge, LA . View the law firm's profile for reviews, office locations, and contact information.


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Opinion for Public Citizen v. LOUISIANA ATTORNEY DISCIPLINARY, 642 F. Supp. 2d 539 — Brought to you by Free Law Project, a non-profit dedicated …


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Request a price quotation from Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board - Disciplinary Counsel Office attorney, including all subsequent fees, on telephone: (225) 293-3300; (504) 834-1488 or on their official website. It is up to you to decide whether the legal services of a specific lawyer are affordable for you.


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louisiana attorneys only The CLE credit hours offered will include ethics, professionalism, and general credit. Please bring a sweater or jacket as the room may be cool.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the louisiana attorney disciplinary board?

In 1990, the Supreme Court of Louisiana established the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board, a statewide agency to administer the lawyer discipline and disability system. Members of the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board are appointed by the Court. Both lawyers and non-lawyer citizens are appointed to serve on the Board.

What are the rules for lawyer discipline in louisiana?

The rules for lawyer discipline are set forth in Louisiana Supreme Court Rule XIX (effective April 1, 1990), wherein the Court created the statewide agency called the Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board. That agency consists of the Board, Hearing Committees, Disciplinary Counsel and staff.

Where is the louisiana office of disciplinary counsel located?

In addition to the Chief Disciplinary Counsel, ODC staff includes deputy disciplinary counsel and legal assistants. ODC staff is located at 4000 S. Sherwood Forest Boulevard, Suite 607, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. All complaints regarding attorneys are received and processed at this location.

Can the louisiana state bar association help me find a lawyer?

The Louisiana State Bar Association cannot provide legal advice, so you should consult a new lawyer or the district attorney's office about these matters. If you do not know a lawyer who can help, call the Lawyer Referral Service in your area.

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