Federal Lawsuits Against Trump

List of lawsuits involving Donald Trump Wikipedia

1. All but one of these cases (the one against the Washington Post) have concluded, with most being dismissed. The lawsuit against The New York Times and Mary Trumphas just been commenced.

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Litigation Tracker: Pending Criminal and Civil Cases

1. E. Jean Carroll Defamation Suit. Carroll v. Trump, No. 20-cv-07311, 2020 WL 6277814 (S.D.N.Y. Oct. 27, 2020), appeal docketed, No. 20-03977 (2d Cir. Nov.
2. Summer Zervos Defamation Suit. Zervos vs. Trump, No. 150522/2017 (N.Y. Sup Ct. Jan. 17, 2017), appeal docketed, No. APL-2020-00009 (N.Y. Mar. 9, 2020)
3. Mary Trump Fraud Litigation. Trump v. Trump, No. 654698/2020 (N.Y. Sup. Ct. filed Sept. 24, 2020) Plaintiff: Mary Trump, the former president’s niece. Case Summary: In September 2020, Mary Trump sued Donald Trump, her uncle, for allegedly defrauding her out of tens of millions of dollars.
4. Panama Hotel Fraud and Tax Litigation (CASE CLOSED) Ithaca Cap. Invs. v. Trump Pan. Hotel Mgmt., No. 18-cv-00390 (S.D.N.Y. Mar. 30, 2020) Plaintiff: Ithaca Capital, a real estate holding company that purchased a majority of the Trump International Hotel in Panama.
5. Doe v. The Trump Corporation Class Action. Doe v. Trump Corp., No. 18-cv-09936 (S.D.N.Y. Oct 29, 2018), appeal docketed, No. 20-01706 (2d Cir. May 28, 2020)
6. DC Civil Suit over Misuse of 2017 Inauguration Funds. District of Columbia v. 58th Presidential Inauguration Comm., No. 2020-CA-00488-B (D.C. Super. Ct.
7. Karen Bass et al. Incitement Suit for Jan. 6 Capitol Attack. Thompson v. Trump, No. 21-cv-00400 (D.D.C. filed Feb. 16, 2021) Plaintiff: Rep. Karen R. Bass, Rep.
8. Eric Swalwell Incitement Suit for Jan. 6 Riots. Swalwell v. Trump, No 21-cv-00586 (D.D.C. filed Mar. 5, 2021) Plaintiff: Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA)
9. Capitol Police Suit for Jan. 6 Riots. Blassingame v. Trump, No. 21-cv-00858 (D.D.C. filed Mar. 30, 2021) Plaintiff: James Blassingame and Sidney Hemby, two Capitol police officers.
10. Second Capitol Police Suit over the Jan. 6 Riots. Smith v. Trump, No. 21-cv-02265 (D.D.C. filed Aug. 26, 2021) Plaintiff: Seven Capitol Police officers.

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INSIGHTBiden’s Justice Dept may defend Trump in …

The outcome could have implications for at least four other federal lawsuits pending against Trump. Three of them seek to hold Trump liable for remarks in a speech on Jan. 6 shortly before the

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Top 15 Lawsuits Involving Donald Trump The Reeves …

Top 15 Lawsuits Involving Donald Trump. Current Republican Presidential challenger Donald Trump is no stranger to the inside of a courtroom. He has been a part of hundreds of lawsuits at every level of the court system, with 169 at the federal level alone (or close to 2.5 per year since his birth).. He has been both a plaintiff and a defendant.

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$100M Lawsuit Filed by Hack Trump Lawyer Wall Street Rebel

What lawyer in their right mind would file a $100 million lawsuit against his niece Mary Trump and the New York Times over her handing over his tax records that she legally possessed? A top litigator who graduated from Harvard, Yale, or Georgetown law schools? Nope, he’s chosen a pretty lawyer - from the bottom of the barrel.

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We Investigated, Donald Trump is Named in at Least 169

Donald Trump has been named in at least 169 federal lawsuits, according to a LawNewz.com investigation. They read like a history of Trump’s business failures, successes, and bombastic personality. With Trump threatening a lawsuit against Ted Cruz, his surge in the polls, and his big win in New Hampshire, we thought now was as good a time as any to review …

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Court Puts Politics Above Law in State’s Lawsuit Against …

Court Puts Politics Above Law in State’s Lawsuit Against Trump. Apr 6th, 2018 project to counter abuse of the criminal law, particularly at the federal level. price fixing schemes, and

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Exclusive: Trump's 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented for a

They include Trump's ongoing suit against the town of Palm Beach over airplane noise near his Mar-a-Lago Club and an earlier lawsuit against the town over an 80-foot flag pole.

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Law Firms Cash In On Trump's Historic Legal Bills Law360

In 2019 and 2020, Trump shelled out $12.95 million in legal bills, according to campaign data filed with the FEC by its final pre-election reporting deadline of Oct. 22. That's more than six times

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Trump's Final Numbers FactCheck.org

Trump installed nearly 30% of all the 179 appellate court judges authorized by federal law. District Court — Trump won confirmation for 175 of his nominees to be federal District Court judges.

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Past Lawsuits Against Trump – Donald Trump Is Evil

In court records, the law firm alleged Trump didn’t pay nearly a half million dollars in legal fees. Trump and his ex-lawyers settled their disputes out of court, confidentially, in 2009. In 2012, Virginia-based law firm Cook, Heyward, Lee, Hopper & Feehan filed a lawsuit against the Trump Organization for $94,511 for legal fees and costs.

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Trump suffers losses in 3 major court decisions

The county of El Paso and the Border Network for Human Rights brought the lawsuit, contending that Trump had broken the law by diverting Defense Department funds to build the wall. The judge did not specify what should now happen, but has asked the county and the Border Network to file a proposed preliminary injunction within 10 days.

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Davis, others sue law enforcement and Trump supporters

The lawsuit filed in federal court Thursday against at least seven members of the so-called “Trump Train,” who followed the bus, claims …

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Lawsuits piling up against Trump TheHill

Lawsuits are piling up against President Trump and his administration. The government was in court this week to fight for Trump’s revised executive order banning nationals from six majority

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Mike Lindell’s Promised ElectionReversing Lawsuit Turns

Lindell had initially promised that the Supreme Court would “reinstate” Trump in August, then moved that target to September, then said it would happen by the end of 2021 as a result of his lawsuit. Lindell’s access to Trump and his White House has drawn the interest of the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 assault on the

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Judge Tosses Out Lawsuit Against Trump, Barr After Truth

Now that the truth is out about what actually happened at the square, a series of lawsuits — including at least one levied against former President Donald Trump — were dismissed by a judge in a decision released on Monday. Back on June 1, 2020, a group of so-called “protesters” were cleared out of Lafayette Square, which is located just

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United States v. Fred C. Trump, Donald Trump, and Trump

A. The principal officers of Trump Management, Inc., shall forthwith (1) thoroughly acquaint themselves personally on a detailed basis with all of the obligations of the defendant under the Fair Housing Act of 1968, as amended and as judicially interpreted; under state and municipal civil rights laws; under

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Donald Trump Housing Discrimination Lawsuit Law & Crime

Trump Downplays Housing Discrimination Lawsuit Against Him…. It was Actually ‘Yuge’! Elura Nanos Sep 27th, 2016, 11:31 am. Donald Trump has made hyperbole his personal brand. But when it comes to his own alleged wrongdoing, his talking points go from “yuge” to “nothing to see here, folks.”. During last night’s debate, Trump

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Federal appeals court revives ethics lawsuit against Trump

A federal appeals court on Friday revived an ethics lawsuit against President Donald Trump that argues his business interests are …

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CT's balkanized housing laws are the subject of a federal

A coalition of state and national civil rights groups filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development in federal court on Thursday, claiming that a …

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Trump's 'MostFavored Nation' Rule Faces More Lawsuits

Law360 (December 15, 2020, 5:58 PM EST) -- The Trump administration is facing more litigation challenging a rule that links Medicare reimbursement for …

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Here are all the lawsuits against the Trump administration

Lawsuits against the Trump administration. Oregon vs. Azar: Weiser signed Colorado onto the multistate lawsuit that seeks to overturn the Trump administration’s so-called Title X “Gag Rule.” The policy restricts what health care providers can say about abortion to patients who receive family planning and other health care services under the Title X, national …

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Trump loses bid to keep lawsuit against Twitter in Florida

He also brought a similar case against Facebook Inc. The lawsuits, filed in federal court in Miami, allege the California-based social media platforms violated the right to freedom of speech

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Federal Lawsuit Filed Challenging Trump BumpStock Ban

Federal Lawsuit Filed Challenging Trump Bump-Stock Ban; Injunction Sought Ammoland Inc. Posted on December 18, 2018 January 3, 2019 by F Riehl, Editor in Chief Bump Stock Lawsuit Guedes, et al. v

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The Many Lawsuits of Donald Trump The Reeves Law Group

Recently the band R.E.M filed a $2.5 million lawsuit against Donald Trump and Ted Cruz over the unauthorized use of its music. Trump is still involved in two lawsuits brought by former students and one by the New York Attorney General alleging that the now-defunct Trump University was a scam. Trump University, launched in 2005, promised to

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Are there really currently over 400 lawsuits against Trump

Answer (1 of 3): > Are there really currently over 400 lawsuits against Trump outstanding? More than that: Exclusive: Trump's 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented for a presidential nominee “…An exclusive USA TODAY analysis of legal filings across …

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Family of Murdered Trump Supporter Sues Portland, Mayor

The family of murdered Trump supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Portland, its mayor, and the county district attorney on Friday. The lawsuit states that Danielson’s death was “preventable” and blames the city and officials for a “hands-off approach” to its policing strategy.

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Lawsuit: NRA illegally funded Trump, other GOP candidates

O'FALLON, Mo. (AP) — A federal lawsuit accuses the National Rifle Association of violating campaign finance laws by using shell companies to …

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How Many Lawsuits Against Trump? Maine News Online

There have been 1,450 lawsuits slammed against Trump. This was out of a grand total of 3,500 lawsuits. These were at both the federal and state court levels in the United States. The lawsuits spanned a period of 30 years.

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Trump Sues Facebook, Twitter, Google Over Social Media Bans

Billing the effort during a Wednesday press conference as a move to defend First Amendment rights, Trump filed three separate class-action lawsuits in federal court in Florida against the tech

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Trump Lawsuit Tracker: 266

1. March 15, 2017 – Lawsuit Protects Floridians, 50,000+ Acres From Phosphate Strip Mining. The Center and three other environmental organizations sued the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Fish and Wildlife Service for authorizing the use of 50,000 acres for phosphate strip mining that would irreversibly destroy native plant and animal habitat in central Florida.
2. March 21, 2017 – Farmers, Public Interest Groups Sue EPA for Approving Highly Toxic Enlist Duo. The Center — along with farmers, other conservation groups and food- and farm-justice organizations — sued the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for approving Dow AgroScience's highly toxic Enlist Duo, a novel mixture of the weed-killing chemicals glyphosate and 2,4-D posing extensive risk to rural communities, food supplies and the environment.
3. March 23, 2017 – Lawsuit Launched to Protect Birds, Other Wildlife From Harmful Agricultural Pesticides Used on National Wildlife Refuges. The Center sued the Fish and Wildlife Service to end use of agricultural pesticides known to harm people and wildlife on the Tule Lake and Lower Klamath national wildlife refuges.
4. March 27, 2017 – PolyMet Land Exchange Illegally Undervalues Public Land. Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, the Center for Biological Diversity and the W.J.
5. March 28, 2017 – Lawsuit Filed to Protect Wolves, Lynx From PolyMet Copper Mine in Minnesota. The Center, Earthworks and Save Our Sky Blue Waters filed suit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Forest Service for their approval of the PolyMet 528-acre open-pit copper mine in Minnesota's Superior National Forest.
6. March 29, 2017 – Lawsuit Challenges Trump Administration's Order to Open Public Lands to Coal Leasing. The Center and six other conservation groups filed suit against the Trump administration over Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's order opening tens of thousands of acres of public lands to the coal industry — a day after the president's executive order rolling back protections for public health, the climate and the environment.
7. March 30, 2017 – Lawsuit Challenges Trump's Approval of Keystone XL Pipeline. The Center, Friends of the Earth and other environmental groups sued the Trump administration for approving the controversial Keystone XL pipeline with no public input on the decision and despite the project's serious threats to air, water, wildlife and public health — a violation of the National Environmental Policy Act.
8. April 4, 2017 – Lawsuit Filed to Save Imperiled Native Carnivores From Deadly 'Cyanide Bombs' The Center and three ally environmental groups sued the Trump administration for failing to protect endangered species from two deadly pesticides used to kill coyotes and other native carnivores: Compound 1080 and sodium cyanide, both used in M-44s — also known as “cyanide bombs.”
9. April 12, 2017 – Federal Wildlife-killing Program Sued Over Carnivore Killing in Colorado. The Center and other conservation groups filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Wildlife Services over its carnivore-killing program in Colorado, including controversial plans to kill as many as 120 mountain lions and black bears in the state — with fully analyzing the program's environmental impacts.
10. April 12, 2017 – Lawsuit Targets Trump's Border Wall, Enforcement Program. The Center partnered with Arizona Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva, ranking member of the House Committee on Natural Resources, to sue the Trump administration over the proposed border wall and other border security measures — filing the first lawsuit targeting the Trump administration's plan to vastly expand and militarize the U.S.-

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Capitol Police officers sue Trump, rightwing groups over

Seven U.S. Capitol Police officers on Thursday filed a lawsuit against former President Trump, Trump ally Roger Stone and members of right-wing extremist groups over their role in the Jan. 6

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Here's How Many Lawsuits Donald Trump Faced During His

Donald Trump has been involved in anywhere between 3,500 to over 4,000 lawsuits in his long career as a businessman, showman, and politician. Here are some of the most notable cases.

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Trump to pay $2 million to settle New York civil lawsuit

A New York state judge ordered President Donald Trump to pay $2 million to a collection of nonprofit organizations in connection with a settlement with the New York state attorney general's office

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Judge says US can't replace Trump in lawsuit against his

E. Jean Carroll, who says President Donald Trump raped her in the 1990s, leaves the Daniel Patrick Moynihan United States Courthouse following a hearing in her defamation lawsuit against Trump

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Drug industry trade groups sue Trump admin over drug

Advertisement. WASHINGTON - Drug industry trade groups filed two lawsuits against the Trump administration on Friday challenging new US rules to lower drug prices, potentially undermining one of

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Facts & law against Trump’s climate inaction The

52 Weeks High/Low; Price Shockers; Volume Shockers; Facts & law against Trump’s climate inaction. December 06, 2018 1:16 AM The new report could play a …

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6. The programs are especially important for children in low-income families. In 2018, more than 74% of school lunches and 85% of school breakfasts were provided free or at a reduced price. 1 “States” include the District of Columbia. 2 Child Nutrition Programs: Issues for the 101st Congress. Report Prepared for the

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Judge Throws Out Stormy Daniels' Lawsuit Against Trump

A federal judge on Thursday tossed out a lawsuit against President Donald Trump filed by porn star Stormy Daniels. U.S. District Judge S. James Otero said the suit was moot because she had already “received exactly what she wanted” after Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen agreed not to enforce a nondisclosure agreement signed by Daniels.

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"Wrath of Mark": Antitrust lawsuits against Facebook

In a pair of antitrust lawsuits filed against Facebook on Wednesday, the federal government and 48 attorneys general accused the social media giant of engaging in …

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Woman sues Parma school district after employee blocks her

Lowest price of the year The issue has been encapsulated best by lawsuits against Trump, who often uses Twitter as a means to disseminate his views on various issues and to issue statements on

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How Donald Trump Has Used A Secretive Justice System To

Of the thousands of lawsuits filed by or against Trump and his companies over the years — a USA Today investigation identified at least 3,500 cases — the vast majority have played out in court. But in a small number of cases in which Trump, his 2016 campaign, or his businesses have been accused of discrimination, shady business practices, and other bad …

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Trump University & beyond: Debt, 30 years of lawsuits

Trump and his business holdings have been involved in at least 3,500 legal actions in state and federal courts over the past 30 years, USA Today reported on Wednesday, citing an in-house analysis of legal documents. He was …

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Donald Trump's lawsuits could turn off conservatives who

In recent years, he has been hit with a few class action lawsuits, including one filed last year against his eponymous online business school, Trump University, alleging fraud and other misconduct. In a long running litigation fight going back to the mid-1990s, Trump has filed several suits against Palm Beach County, where his 18-acre Mar-a

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Trump files suit against Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Trump’s lawsuits, however, are likely doomed to fail, said Eric Goldman, a law professor at Santa Clara University in California who has studied more than 60 similar, failed lawsuits that sought to take on internet companies for terminating or suspending users’ accounts.

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Byron York: The election lawsuit Trump should win

In its effort to challenge vote counts in key states, the Trump campaign has filed lots of lawsuits that have little chance of winning. But …

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American, JetBlue ask court to toss US lawsuit against

Enjoy unlimited articles at one of our lowest prices ever. JetBlue ask court to toss US lawsuit against deal Nov 22, 2021 Under the Trump administration, the Transportation Department

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Donald Trump's lawsuit against the courts?

Naturally, this found its way back to Trump, who was not appreciative of the commonality. In response, a lawsuit was filed that would linger in court for five years. The Donald’s suit was eventually dismissed, and the other Trumps were denied damages on their countersuit.

What legal challenges have been filed against Trump's policies?

Legal challenges have also been filed against Trump’s plan to withhold federal funding from so-called sanctuary cities and his order directing all federal agencies to eliminate two rules for every new rule issued.

Will trump's civil lawsuits do more harm than good?

The civil cases could certainly do their fair share of damage as well, directly or indirectly. If Trump falters in one of his business-related suits, his companies may be subject to massive penalties, or worse.

Should Trump's case go to arbitration?

Trump’s lawyers said in a July 19 court filing that they planned to argue the case should go to arbitration even though Trump wasn’t named in the contracts that investors signed with ACN and he didn’t sign them.