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Family Law is a complex field with every case differing in its needs. It can be a difficult time for you and your family and our experienced lawyers will provide the right advice at a cost effective price.We aim to achieve a prompt resolution to your family law dispute with compassion and understanding. We can provide assistance in all aspects

1. Divorce
2. Property
3. Court Processes
4. Children
5. Marriage and De Facto
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At Lowest Price Lawyers, we will represent you and your children every step of the way. Give us a call at 702-434-4424 to learn more about our family law services. Give us a call at 702-434-4424 to learn more about our family law services.


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We offer free and reduced fee initial consultations so you can be sure our team will meet your needs. Call us now on 9328 4646. The principal and senior family lawyer of Beacon Family Law has more than 20 years experience as a solicitor and barrister in family law in Western Australia.


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1. There are several ways to access legal advice and assistance for family law matters: 1. Call the Infoline on 1300 650 579 or visit us at 32 St Georges Terrace Perth (or your local office - see herefor details) for general information and telephone appointment bookings for advice with our Early Intervention Services and to make applications for Lega


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The Family Relationship Advice Line 1800 050 321 can refer you to a service which can provide free information and simple advice about family law. Legal Aid Commissions Legal aid commissions are independent statutory bodies established under state and territory legislation.


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The FLP will offer FIXED FEE cost agreements where possible to enable you to maintain control of your financials. Our clients are unlikely to be spending as much money on their legal fees than clients engaging with our competitors, particularly the "big boy" firms. The Family Law Project offers a 30min no obligation free first interview.


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family law costs – legal fees and charges We know that costs are a key factor in your decision to choose a family law firm so we will do whatever we can to explain our fees and charges. We will help minimise your costs by making sure the appropriate people work on your matter, by giving you the opportunity to undertake some work yourself, and by keeping meetings to a minimum.


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Fixed fee or fixed price divorce lawyers offer services at a fixed rate no matter how long the legal service takes. Most divorce or family lawyers charge by an hourly rate whereas fixed price or flat rate divorce lawyers give you one fee for the work no matter how long it takes.


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The Family Law Scale is regarded as the minimum baseline for legal costs in this area of Law. Our fees are based on a slight increase of the items in the Family Law Scale which reflects our higher expertise and attention to clients. Clients are provided with a copy of our Cost Agreement prior to our commencing their work so that they have the opportunity to consider it and ask any …


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Beacon Family Law assisted me with reaching an agreement in a difficult family matter. The professionalism, knowledge, and empathy of Dirk and his colleagues were outstanding during a difficult time in my life. Dirk has excellent negotiation skills which I believe is critical in law matters. I highly recommend Dirk and his colleagues to anyone who requires assistance on family …


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When full-scope representation is not an option in your Family Law case, People’s Legal Services can still offer you a free 30 minute case evaluation with an attorney. Moreover, we can effectively and affordably assist you in preparing your Family Law filing. This maximizes your ability to self-represent at your hearing, and the value of each dollar you spend towards …


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The Family Court Legal Services Directory contains contact details for a range of organisations which may provide free or low cost legal advice. AMICA If your relationship is relatively amicable, and both parties are willing to communicate on-line, you may be able to negotiate directly with your former partner through the new amica tool at .


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Australia's family law system helps people resolve the legal aspects of family relationship issues, including family relationship breakdown. It encourages people to agree on arrangements without going to court. There are a range of information and services available to assist people going through family relationship issues. The Family Law Services and Support Fact Sheet has …


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The legal team at Half Price Lawyers can help you with all of your Nevada family law needs. Our team of family law attorneys in Las Vegas knows that family is everything. We know that it takes aggressive and caring advocates to fight for your rights in the Nevada legal system. We offer experienced and dedicated representation to help you address your family law needs.


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We will review your contracts for free, with no obligation to use our services or buy the property. If you have found a property that you are interested in before you place an offer or pay a holding deposit, you need to get the contract reviewed by a property Solicitor. Simply send us the contract, we will review the contract and within 48 hours give you a detailed written review of …


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Court appearances we charge a fixed fee of either $330 to $660 each (for simple Directions Hearings) to $990 each (for argument) Binding Financial Agreement (pre-nup) from $1,650 inc GST. Application for Divorce $550 inc GST (not including Court filing fee). . Call us on (08) 7231 6000 to arrange your free consult now OR email karen


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Every Family Law matter is different and your individual circumstances will determine what fee structure is best for you. We have hourly rate, fixed fee and deferred payment options to suit a range of different matters. We are committed to providing our clients with an open and transparent fee structure that is suitable for them.


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If you are looking for a criminal defense attorney in Albuquerque NM, look no further than 505 Sanchez. We have more than 20 years of experience in representing clients who have been charged with criminal activity. Call on (505) 726-2439 and let us help you today

2. Riverside Law- Edmonton Family Law

Lorraine Mlambo is an experienced Divorce & Family Lawyer at Riverside Law located in Edmonton, Alberta. Lorraine's practice focuses primarily on divorces, separations, and other family law matters involving child support, spousal support, custody, parenting, businesses, self-employment, parental child abduction, mobility and family property division. Lorraine also prepares various types of family law agreements such as separation agreements, pre-nuptial and post nuptial agreements.
Lorraine's practice also focuses on building families through adoption, surrogacy and other types of fertility law.

3. Affordable Divorce Alberta

Riverside Law is a family law firm based in Edmonton, Alberta. Riverside Law is passionate about helping families find practical, workable and amicable resolution to their legal challenges. Riverside Law treats each and every client with attention and dedication. Clients are not just numbers, but the focal point of what Riverside Law does. At Riverside Law, settling matters outside court with as little contention as possible is the path of choice as it better preserves relationships, it is cheaper for you and you remain with some degree of control over the outcome of your matter.

4. BINDING FINANCIAL AGREEMENTS (prenuptial agreements, divorce agreements)

There are three different types of binding financial agreements provided for by the Family Law Act:

financial agreements before marriage (pre-nuptial agreements) — s 90B [s 90UB — de facto agreement];
financial agreements during a marriage — s 90C [s 90UC — de facto agreement];
financial agreements after divorce order is made — s 90D [s 90UD — de facto agreement after the de facto relationship has broken down].
Thus, parties to a marriage and de facto couples able to document resolution of financial issues between them an agreement (rather than entering into Consent Orders).

Parties planning to get married can too enter into a pre-nuptial agreement; o parties could enter into an agreement to alter their interests in the property whilst still married.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer full family law services at low cost?

If unbundling is not your thing and you want a legal professional handling your case from start to finish, we offer full family law services at low cost. This is a written statement containing sworn written evidence provided to the Court to support an application.

Are there any family law solicitors that offer fixed price services?

Our family law solicitors are delighted to offer a range of low cost fixed price services. Our family team recognise that any legal issue involving a relationship can prove to be a stressful and expensive time, call us on 01616 966 229 or complete our online enquiry form.

How much does a family lawyer charge?

Most divorce or family lawyers charge by an hourly rate whereas fixed price or flat rate divorce lawyers give you one fee for the work no matter how long it takes. However, you should note that fixed prices aren’t available for every family law case.

Where can i get free advice about family law?

The Family Relationship Advice Line 1800 050 321 can refer you to a service which can provide free information and simple advice about family law.

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