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Top 80 Business Law Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2021

This is a list of Business Law blogs. They are ranked by traffic rank, social media followers, domain authority & freshness. 1. Law 4 Small Business. Law 4 Small Business (L4SB) is law firm created especially to help small and medium sized businesses cope with routine legal issues, without spending a fortune. 2.

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The Blog For Business Law

OSHA Updates Its Covid-19 Workplace Guidelines For Non-Healthcare Employers In View Of The CDC’ S Interim Recommendations For Fully Vaccinated Persons. The development of effective vaccinations for Covid-19 has created a new challenge for employers. Business Law Business Law Resources Labor and Employment Law. — By Gerry …

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Top 100 Legal Blogs To Follow in 2021 for Lawyers & Law

6. Jonathan Turley Blog. Prof. Jonathan Turley is a nationally recognized legal scholar who has written extensively in areas ranging from constitutional law to legal theory & tort law. He writes about Constitutional Law, Environment, Free Speech, Lawyering, Politics, Religion, Supreme Court, and more.

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5 Ways to Get Free Legal Advice for Your Business

The average hourly rate for a business lawyer can range anywhere from $100 per hour in a small town to more than $1,000 per hour for a senior partner at a big city law firm. Given these rates, it’s no wonder many small business owners want to know if it’s possible to get free legal advice for their business.

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Strictly Business A Business Law Blog for Entrepreneurs

Strictly Business is a business law blog for entrepreneurs, startups, venture capital, and the private fund industry. Its editor is Alexander J. Davie, an attorney at Riggs Davie PLC based in Nashville, Tennessee. His practice focuses on …

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20 Places to Get Low Cost or Free Small Business Trends

1. Rocket Lawyer. Rocket Lawyer is one of the leaders of online legal help. You can make one document for free to start, which you can print or download as a PDF.
2. Nolo. One of the better-known legal websites, the history of Nolo goes back to 1971, when it began as Nolo Press, selling do-it-yourself legal books. Those eventually included business related topics ranging from forming a corporation to patenting inventions.
3. The business section of has free articles and tutorials on many topics, but there are two other features that make this site worth a visit.
4. Avvo. You can use the Q & A forums on Avvo to get your legal questions answered for free. If you need more help, you can talk to a lawyer for a flat fee of $39.
5. LegalZoom. has a business legal plan that starts as low as $23.99 per month. For that you get to “Ask business legal questions, get advice on specific situations, have an attorney review your business contracts and more.”
6. Like many legal websites, there is a large collection of articles here, which may answer your questions. On the “Ask a Lawyer” page you can get your questions answered by an attorney for free.
7. FindLaw. In the section on small business law Findlaw has many articles on legal topics that are free to read. They also sell legal forms for all 50 states, at prices starting around $14.95.
8. Law Guru. LawGuru says it has a “network of over 7,700 specialized attorneys in all legal areas.” You can either type your question into the box on the homepage or search their past answers.
9. Small Business Forums. Online discussion forums for small business owners can be full of questionable legal advice, since participants are not attorneys.
10. Federal Trade Commission. If you think your competitors are using unfair practices read through the FTC’s online guide to Antitrust Laws. It provides information on how to report a suspected antitrust violation and whom to turn to for enforcement.

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Price's Law: What It Is And Why You Should Care Darius

It’s called Price’s square root law, and it originates from academia. That means Price’s law is pretty accurate. In my example, that means 5 people (square root of 25) should bring in 50% of the sales. On my floor, 4 people brought in about 50%-60% of the sales. Only a handful of people are responsible for the majority of the value creation.

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Blog Sebaly Shillito + Dyer

Common Misconceptions under Ohio Injunction Law – Part III. November 15, 2021 Daniel J. Donnellon. This particular erroneous perception applies not only to lawyers, but also to Common Pleas Court Judges; it is addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions Chapter in my most recent book, Donnellon, D.J., Injunctions and Restraining Orders in Ohio, 2020 …

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Law News, Legal News, Court News, Litigation Reports

Damages proposed for failure to stop shooter from buying gun used in 2017 massacre are below those in Charleston, S.C., and Parkland, Fla., shootings.

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21 Content Ideas for Business Law Firm Websites LawLytics

21 Content Ideas for Business Law Firm Websites. This post offers 11 evergreen page topics and 10 blog topics that business law attorneys can write about on their law firm websites, along with information about how to get the most out of each proposed topic. [11-minute read] The realm of business law extends into a number of other legal fields

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10 Most Affordable Master's in Business Law Grad School Hub

View School Profile. With an annual cost of less than $11,000, the LLM in Corporate Law and Finance ranks among the most affordable graduate programs in business law. Available online through its Cooley School of Law, this program prepares students for facing and meeting the challenges in the business industry today.

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FindLaw Legal Blogs FindLaw

Our Law and Daily Life blog is here to answer questions about family issues, real estate, accidents and injuries, immigration, workplace law, and much more. Criminal Defense The criminal justice system can be terrifying for those caught on the wrong side of the law, but the best way to come to terms with the justice system is to understand it.

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The Price is Right – The Massachusetts Item Pricing Law

The law also requires food and grocery merchants to sell any item at the lowest price indicated on an item, sign, or advertisement. Consumers should be pleased to know that overall pricing accuracy exceeded 99.3 percent—1.3% higher than the state accuracy standard of 98 percent.

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7 Best + Free Business Law Courses & Classes [2021 NOVEMBER]

To help you choose the right course, we have compiled this list of the best business law courses available online. Explore this list of free and paid resources on business law and grab the chance to be trained by world-class faculty/tutors. Check our list of Best Business Courses. 7 Best + Free Business Law Courses & Classes [2021 NOVEMBER] 1.

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Law Firm Website. What should it cost you? : LawFirm

Ballpark $2–3,000 for a well-designed website. The monthly cost should be $20 or less. On the other hand, if your ideal clients find a lawyer by searching for [your town] divorce lawyer, plan to spend thousands of dollars a month on an online marketing strategy consultant.

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Law Firm Pricing Guide: How to Price Legal Services

The lowest average hourly billing rate by state was $158 per hour in West Virginia. The highest average hourly billing rate by practice area was a tie between bankruptcy law and intellectual property law at $340 per hour. The lowest average hourly billing rate by practice area was for juvenile law at $87 per hour.

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Santa Clara Law Lawyers Who Lead.Santa Clara Law

Study in Silicon Valley. Gain a Competitive Edge. Begin Your Tech Law Career. The Tech Edge J.D. is a significant innovation in law school education, combining legal, business, and technology education with hands-on skills development and individualized mentorship, while leveraging the school’s location in the Silicon Valley and renowned tech law and intellectual …

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13 Cheapest Law Schools in California: Tuition, Rankings

A law school is a very important part in your quest to become a lawyer. Click here to see this article on the cheapest law schools in California & more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find free legal information on Small Business Law?

In the section on small business law Findlaw has many articles on legal topics that are free to read. They also sell legal forms for all 50 states, at prices starting around $14.95. LawGuru says it has a “network of over 7,700 specialized attorneys in all legal areas.”

How much does it cost to use Nolo legal?

The legal plan costs $39.95 per month after your free trial expires. If you need additional legal help you can get it at a discount. One of the better-known legal websites, the history of Nolo goes back to 1971, when it began as Nolo Press, selling do-it-yourself legal books.

What is the most affordable Master's in business law online program?

The most affordable Master's in Business Law online program available today is the LLM in Risk Management that the Texas A&M School of Law offers. This program is also available as an MJ program for those who do not have a legal background.

What is the private law blogs blog?

The blog features posts on private law topics such as including contracts, torts, property, intellectual property, remedies, restitution, and more. Frequency 1 post / week Since Apr 2015 Also in Private Law Blogs