Black Mold Lawsuit Settlements

Mold Lawsuit Settlement and Examples FindLaw

The mold lawsuit settlement examples below will give you a general idea of what to expect: Broward County Courthouse, Florida (2013) -- Former Florida prosecutor Stefanie Krathen Ginnis, who claimed that mold exposure at the Broward County Courthouse caused severe sinus problems, received a $166,500 settlement from the county (19 current and

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Black Mold Settlement – How Much Is the Compensation …

One of the first things people want to know is how much can they expect as a black mold settlement. You should know that there is no clear value for toxic mold exposure in Annapolis. As your toxic mold attorney in Maryland will tell you, it all depends on the particularities of the case. However, in case you have been exposed to black mold, you should get in touch with a toxic mold lawyer from

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Understanding Mold and Mold Lawsuits Porter Law

Recent years have seen an explosion of mold litigation with the publication of several multimillion dollar jury verdicts in toxic mold lawsuits. While large plaintiff’s verdicts are well publicized, defense verdicts in mold cases rarely, if ever, receive public notice. Prior to 2000, relatively few mold claims were pursued, and claims were routinely settled for nominal amounts - $5,000 or

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Can I Sue My Landlord for Black Mold? Mold Lawsuit

If your belongings have been damaged because of black mold, contact your insurance company immediately. This route may be easier than starting a lawsuit, so pursue these options first before taking legal action. Landlords and black mold. Your landlord won’t be …

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Every Worker Should Know Toxic Mold FLT Law

We Help Victims with black mold lawsuit settlements. The Attorneys at Friend, Levinson & Turner Law apply a disciplined approach to gain a comprehensive perspective of the facts, issues, and injuries experienced by victims of work related injuries. Our …

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Phone: (312) 346-8465

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Examples of Mold Lawsuits Mold Blogger

Lawsuits Won Against Mold Here are some examples of lawsuits resulting in high-dollar awards to those who suffered because of toxic mold: A Group in California A group in California was awarded $1.3 million for claims against contractors that performed work so poorly it caused leaks and allowed mold to enter their homes. Two Women in Delaware Two women in Delaware were awarded …

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Toxic Mold Litigation: What you need to know Legal

The most common toxic mold encountered in lawsuits is Stachybotrys (pronounced "Stack-ee-boa-trus"), or sometimes referred to as "black mold". It usually occurs when a structure has water problems or leaks, including broken or improperly installed plumbing, …

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What Is The Average Settlement Amount For Mold?

Settlements also sidestep the considerable legal costs involved in such cases, such as medical experts and lab testing. Defendant owners and landlords, likewise, typically prefer the finality of settlements and the lack of negative media publicity that would result from a verdict. Mold Lawsuit Settlements: Examples

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Landlord Liability for Toxic and Black Mold

Some States and Cities Have Passed Mold Laws. A handful of states have passed laws to establish acceptable levels of indoor mold spores.Certain cities, including New York City and San Francisco, have included mold in their list of “nuisances” and department of health guidelines.If you live in these areas, your landlord has an increased responsibility for mold.

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Surviving Toxic Mold Mold Exposure Mold Illness …

Law and Toxic Mold. Fighting legal battles that involve toxic mold are VERY complex and difficult if not impossible. Less than 1% of all people who attempt to sue a lanlord for toxic mold even get accepted by a lawyer and only 50% of those 1% of people actually win any money from a lawsuit.

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Mold Lawyers – Mold Law Group Mold Law Group

Maximize Mold Litigation Settlements. The key to successful mold litigation is a solid connection between the mold exposure victim’s health and the contaminated environment. Most law firms feel that obtaining medical damages in mold lawsuits are too complicated, take too long to settle, are far too expensive to litigate, or are even

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Can I Sue My Landlord For Mold Exposure? Saffren & Weinberg

The attorneys at Saffren & Weinberg focus on toxic mold lawsuits. We have successfully sued landlords for mold-related damages to tenants’ health and personal property, and we can help you get compensation for your health problems and property loss. PA: (215) 576-0100. NJ: (856) 667-8888. Give us a call to schedule your free consultation if

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Jury Awards $2.7M In Calif. Mold Case

Jury Awards $2.7M In Calif. Mold Case. In what has been deemed the largest personal injury verdict in a toxic mold-related lawsuit in the U.S., a …

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sure to toxic mold and the death of these 10 infants.4 Prior to 2000, there were relatively few mold claims filed either in court or with insur-ance companies.Claims could be, and were, routinely settled for relatively nominal amounts—$5,000 or less on a per claim basis. Today, mold claims by homeowners routinely exceed $100,000 and mold claims

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Fifty States Of Mold Claims: A Comprehensive Survey Of

flood-related mold claims but denied as to non-mold related damage caused by wind.) Alaska No mold-related cases. Arizona Luristis v. American Family Mut. Ins. Co, 204 Ariz. 140 (Ariz. Ct. App. 2002) (Mold damage covered despite anti-concurrent causation clause.) Cooper v. American Family Mut. Ins. Co., 184 F. Supp.2d 960 (D. Ariz 2002

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Landlord to pay $190,000 toxic mold settlement.

As part of a settlement reached between the parties, the lawsuit was resolved and the landlord agreed to a $190,000 payout. [ THE NEWS TIMES: BROOKFIELD MAN SETTLES TOXIC MOLD CLAIM ] Legal Help

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Infamous Texas Mold Claim Lawsuit Settled

Infamous Texas Mold Claim Lawsuit Settled. The Texas mold damage case that sent shockwaves throughout the insurance industry with its initial $32 …

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Average Settlement for Toxic Mold Lawsuits in Florida

According to medical opinion on mold-related disease, mold claim payouts in 2001 and 2002 totaled $1.3 billion, and in 2002, over $3 billion was paid. While there is no exact average. In this article we discuss what qualifies as toxic mold, proving liability, and damages that could be recovered due to toxic mold exposure.

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Delaware Toxic Mold Lawyers Who is Liable for Mold in

Ultimately, landlords and tenants should work together to keep their property free of mold. Delaware Toxic Mold Lawyers at Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. Help Victims Suffering from Mold Exposure If you or a loved one suffered from exposure to toxic mold, contact the experienced Delaware toxic mold lawyers at Jacobs & Crumplar, P.A. Call us at 302-656

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The Art of Toxic Mold Litigation SGR Law

The Art of Toxic Mold Litigation. Mold, the relatively innocuous-sounding inhabitant of many a bachelor's refrigerator, is generating nationwide media attention and involving homeowners, architects, construction companies, commercial and residential landlords, property managers, employers and contractors in multimillion dollar lawsuits.

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Orlando Black Mold Attorneys Malik Law, P.A.

Black mold attorneys should be well-versed in all of these areas of law in order to increase the chances of pursuing a successful lawsuit for black mold exposure side effects. Medical records, repair receipts for mold damage, and photographs of the mold damage may …

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Failure to Disclose Toxic Mold Attorney Downtown LA Law

Downtown LA Law can assist you with better understanding your recovery options and selecting the best source of recovery. Contact our offices for a free case evaluation. (385) 285-2529 Resources: Toxic Mold Resource Page Non Disclosure of Defects in Real Estate Purchases

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It's been all over the news this morning, but in case you haven't heard: According to the AP as published on the San Jose Mercury News website (free registration required), a Manhattan Beach, California family has settled with defendants for $22.6 million, making the settlement the largest one in the history of toxic-mold litigation. The parents alleged that various defendants were responsible

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Georgia Mold Laws & Lawsuits: Can I Sue My Landlord?

Let’s look first at non-toxic black mold. Non-toxic black mold. Several types of black mold aren’t toxic at all. The most common type is Cladosporium, which is most frequently found on living and dead plants, both inside and outside.Other non-toxic molds that may appear black include Ulocladium, Stemphylium, Pithomyces, Alternaria, Dresclera, and Aureobasidium.

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Who to Sue for Toxic Mold Nolo

These days mold and "toxic mold" are the subject of increasing health concerns and lawsuits. If you have developed health problems, suffered property damage, or incurred other types of losses because of a mold infestation, you may be able to file a legal claim to get compensation for your injuries or losses, including the cost of getting rid of the mold (called "mold remediation").

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Mold Litigation & Mold Exposure Injury Lawyer Rothenberg

Toxic Mold Case As with all cases of injury, the civil law provides avenues for recourse in situations where the exposure may have been prevented if others had acted reasonably. To prove a toxic mold case, a victim must show several factors: a) The illness and disability have arisen from exposure to …

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Mold Lawsuit Team of Experts Mold Law Group

Mold Law Group’s teams of top experts have been working together with environmental complaints, mold lawsuits, and mold litigation for over seventeen years and have a proven track record of success. We use that experience to guide you and your legal counsel down a complex path leading to the best possible outcome. Consulting For.

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2017 Mold Litigation Update Attorneys at Law

In May, the family of one of the deceased patients settled a wrongful death lawsuit against UPMC for $1.35 million. The settlement was approved, and made public, by the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas. Other claims are pending. Georgia Mold

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Tenant Exposed to Toxic Mold Gets $250,000 Settlement

Tenant Exposed to Toxic Mold Gets $250,000 Settlement. A tenant's lawsuit claimed he was sickened when an improperly repaired water leak allowed mold to …

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Toxic Mold Black Mold Toxic Chemical Exposure Impact Law

Find a Local Toxic Mold Attorney. Sometimes, steps to prevent toxic mold exposure are not enough. If you believe that you or a member of your family has been harmed by exposure to black mold, or another form of toxic mold, you are invited to contact a local chemical exposure attorney for more information about your legal rights and options.

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Sacramento Toxic Mold Attorney Apartment Mold Lawsuit

Mold Lawsuit Settlements. We are recognized for our success in bringing toxic mold cases on behalf of individuals who are injured or damaged by mold. One particularly notable outcome is a November 2001 jury verdict of $2.7 million for a family of 3 living in a mold-contaminated apartment.

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Toxic Mold Exposure Health Problems Lawsuits, Legal News

Toxic mold is a greenish-black mold that grows on material with high cellulose content, such as straw, fiberboard, dry wall, paper, lint and even dust and it requires constant moisture for its growth.

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Workers sue company for toxic mold exposure: Does court

They sued the law firm, saying their health deteriorated significantly during their employment because of exposure to toxic mold, a chemical used to kill the mold, a gas leak and fumes from raw sewage backups in the women’s restroom. The employer argued this was a workers’ comp matter. A trial court denied V&B’s motion to have the lawsuit

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Suing Your Landlord for MoldRelated Health Problems Nolo

Small Claims Court Lawsuits Involving Mold. If you have mold-related losses (for a health-related problem or property damage), you might be able to sue your landlord in small claims court, if your claim is in the $3,000-$10,000 range, (the small claims court limit in most states). See the Small Claims Court & Lawsuits section of Nolo's site for

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Florida's Mold Laws Everything You Need to Know

In recent years, mold has become a known issue. It’s become the topic of closed schools, lawsuits, and the impetus for the growth of a “new” industry, mold testing and remediation. If you own a rental property, you should take a mold problem seriously. Mold prospers in warm, damp places, and is an environmental hazard.

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Texas Fatal Toxic Mold Lawyer handles fatal toxic mold

Toxic mold lawsuits are extremely difficult in Texas. For this reason my firm is extremely selective in the toxic mold cases that we take and are limiting our cases to fatal toxic mold cases. In reviewing fatal toxic mold cases, we require that potential clients have environmental mold testing and medical documentation linking a death or

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Mold Litigation Aspen Environmental Services

In 2002, the U.S. International Trade Commission reported that according to one estimate, US insurers paid over $3 billion in mold-related lawsuits, more than double the previous year’s total. According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2003 there were over 10,000 mold-related lawsuits pending in US state courts. Most were filed in states with high humidity, but suits were […]

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Toxic Mold Exposure A PreSettlement Funding Firm

With lawsuit funding, you can get the money you need to improve your financial situation now instead of waiting an undetermined amount of time for your claim to settle or receive a court award. To find out if you are eligible for pre-settlement funding through USClaims, complete an application online , or give us a call at 1-877-USCLAIMS today!

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Toxic Mold Lawsuits: Preparation & Expectations ·

Allstate Ins. Co. in 2000, a jury in the U.S. District Court in California awarded $18 million to a homeowner when the plaintiff’s insurance refused to honor his claims for mold damage. This award was dropped to $3 million. It is also interesting to take note that $17.5 million of …

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Lawsuits for Toxic Mold Exposure in Your Home AllLaw

7031 Koll Center Pkwy, Pleasanton, CA 94566. master:2021-10-20_10-59-58. Toxic mold cases are a relatively new species of " toxic tort " lawsuit, with an increasing number of such claims being litigated each year. This article discusses the central elements of …

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Verdicts & Settlements Lieberman & Blecher, P.C.

Under the settlement agreement, PPG has agreed to remove 700,000 tons of chromium waste from Jersey City’s Lafayette neighborhood, and will likely spend an estimated $600 million to complete the remediation, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. PPG, a Pittsburgh-based company, will

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MDHHS Mold Michigan

Use the flyers below to learn more about mold. You can also call the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) at 1-517-335-9436, if you need more help. Mold & Renter Disputes - provides step-by-step instructions a renter may follow to address problems with mold in a …

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Mold on the job: not just workers' compensation Workers

Mold doesn’t have to be this obvious to be harmful in the workplace. Teaching is not thought of as a hazardous job, but 120 teachers in Stamford, Connecticut have filed workers compensation claims due to mold exposure that effects half of the buildings in their district. Mold is a relatively common hazard for white collar employees.

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Filing a Toxic Mold Lawsuit

If you or a family member have suffered health problems and/or damage to your property due to the presence of toxic mold in your home or other property, you may have be able to file a lawsuit against anyone whose carelessness or negligence caused or contributed to the problem. If you bought a newly-built home, architects, builders, and

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Defective Tires Cause Injuries and Deaths Smith Law Center

Tire blowouts, flat tires, and other failures cause over 78,000 accidents, 10,000 serious injuries, and more than 410 deaths a year, according to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report. In 2016, tire failures were linked to 733 fatalities on the roads of America.

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Amtrak Lawsuits for Injuries & Deaths Smith Law Center

The trial lawyers at The Smith Law Center have worked extensively with the victims of railroad crashes, and our results speak for themselves. Please call us today for a free consultation to assess your case at (757) 695-9288. ABOUT SMITH LAW CENTER. Our lawyers are more than lawyers.

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2021 Disclosure Requirements for Selling Alabama Real Estate

Knowing the answer to this question is important if you want to avoid potential legal trouble down the road. Here are the disclosure requirements for selling Alabama real estate. If you’re selling Alabama real estate, there are certain things you have to disclose to the buyer of your home before anyone signs on the dotted line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will my toxic mold lawsuit settlement be?

Settlement amounts for toxic mold claims vary quite a bit and depend on the seriousness of injuries, the amount of property damage sustained, and other factors. The mold lawsuit settlement examples below will give you a general idea of what to expect:

What kind of law is toxic mold litigation?

Toxic Mold Litigation. Toxic mold litigation is very time consuming and very expert-intensive. Toxic molds cases are a hybrid of several areas of the law including: (1) construction law; (2) personal injury law; (3) contract law; and (4) insurance law.

Does the presence of black mold make an apartment unfit for use?

So, does the presence of toxic black mold render an apartment unfit for its intended use? The law in Georgia isn’t clear, but case law suggests that the presence of black mold may make an apartment unfit. Consequently, a landlord in Georgia most likely has to remove black toxic mold from your apartment.

Can i sue my landlord for black mold in nj or pa?

Yes, a tenant may have the right to withhold rent due to mold or to leave the property without financial consequences. Whether you live in NJ or PA, contact us to find out whether these remedies are available to you and whether you should sue your landlord. We Will Litigate Your Black Mold Lawsuit Yes, you can sue your landlord for mold issues.