Best Pre Law Undergraduate Degrees

50 Best Affordable PreLaw Degree Programs (Bachelor's

1. West Virginia University-Parkersburg. Parkersburg, WV. Total Points: 9. West …
2. University of Central Florida. Orlando, FL. Total Points: 9. The University of …
3. Lewis-Clark State College. Lewiston, ID. Total Points: 9. Lewis-Clark State …
4. Mississippi University for Women. Columbus, MS. Total Points: 9. Mississippi …
5. University of Houston-Clear Lake. Houston, TX. Total Points: 9. The …
6. John F. Kennedy University. Pleasant Hill, CA. Total Points: 9. John F. …
7. St. Petersburg College. St. Petersburg, FL. Total Points: 8. St. Petersburg …
8. University of North Georgia. Dahlonega, GA. Total Points: 8. The University …
9. Utah Valley University. Orem, UT. Total Points: 8. Utah Valley University is …
10. Florida Gulf Coast University. Fort Myers, FL. Total Points: 8. Florida Gulf …
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25 Best Value Schools for PreLaw 2021 Best Value Schools

The list below includes schools offering the most affordable pre-law bachelor’s online degrees. Let's cut to the chase: Michigan State University offers the best pre-law degree in the U.S. because its program is affordable, comprehensive, and part of one of the largest and most established universities in the country.

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The 11 Best PreLaw Schools PrepScholar

50 Best Affordable Pre-Law Degree Programs (Bachelor's

1. Harvard College. A traditional feeder school, a Harvard education will undoubtedly give you …
2. Yale University. Yale is considered the top law school in the country, and is the 4th best …
3. Northwestern University. Northwestern is known for academic rigor, and a big school means …
4. University of Maryland. The University of Maryland has a department dedicated to advising …
5. Georgetown University. Georgetown's pre-law advising center offers resources on all things …
6. New York University. NYU is in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world, and …
7. Michigan State University. Michigan State offers a pre-law major that is also considered a …
8. University of Texas at Austin. UT Austin's career center hosts one of the largest Law Fairs in …
9. Florida State University. In addition to one of the country's top Criminal Justice programs, …
10. George Washington University. George Washington University encourages pre-law students …

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Top 10 Best Prelaw Majors School of Law University at

1. Political Science - 9,612 admitted. Political Science is the not-at-all-surprisingly undisputed top pre-law major. 18% of all applicants admitted were from this major. 2. Other - 2,917 admitted. The second highest number of admitted law students majored in “Other” - topics that did not fall under the other 144 majors listed. 7% of all

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The Best Undergraduate Courses for PreLaw Students

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Best Prelaw schools and majors in 2021 Best Law …

Although pre-law schools are not officially announced every year, however students prefer to take part in a pre-law school to get themselves prepared for a reputed law college admission. This can be either an undergraduate major or a declaration of plans to enter best law schools especially in united states or any other country, after earning

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The Best Colleges for PreLaw Students – Niche Blog

Where are the best colleges for pre-law? Because majoring in “pre-law” isn’t an option, we’ve listed out the top 10 best colleges for Political Science, History, Economics, and Liberal Arts— all common majors for those wanting to attend law school. The Top 10 Colleges for Political Science

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10 Best Undergraduate Majors for Law School CollegeVine

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1. Political Science. Admitted Students: 9,612. Average LSAT Score: 158.3. So much of politics is high-quality legislation that it is no wonder this field tops our list of most popular majors for law school students.
2. Psychology. Admitted Students: 2,960. Average LSAT Score: 152.6. Psychology is the third social science to make an appearance on this list, and that is no surprise.
3. Miscellaneous. Admitted Students: 2,904. Average LSAT: 151.2. This category is a catch-all for niche majors not commonly represented among law school applicants.
4. History. Admitted Students: 2,657. Average LSAT Score: 156.2. Understanding the past is critical for interpreting law for two reasons. First, it establishes precedent, and knowing how legal cases have been resolved in the past is central to our understanding of how to decide current cases.
5. English. Admitted Students: 2,564. Average LSAT Score: 155.3. English is another famous choice for pre-law students, since so much reading and writing is required to perform well in this field.
6. Economics. Admitted Students: 2,373. Average LSAT Score: 158.9. Economics offers the perfect blend of quantitative and qualitative experience. Additionally, this field prepares you to be an effective lawmaker and advocate for sound monetary policy.
7. Criminal Justice. Admitted Students: 2,220. Average LSAT Score: 145.9. If you love to be hands-on with the justice system, this may be the major for you. No field of study gives you more exposure to law prior to law school.
8. Philosophy. Admitted Students: 1,858. Average LSAT Score: 157.5. Traditionally, philosophy is considered the ultimate pre-law major. In this field, you wrestle deeply with logic and reasoning as you consider questions about knowledge, existence, and other fundamental concepts.
9. Arts & Humanities. Admitted Students: 1,496. Average LSAT Score: 154.2. This group of majors tends to be fairly writing-heavy and attracts students with the focus to spend hours reading.
10. Sociology. Students admitted to law school from this major last year: 1,327. Average LSAT score of admitted students (out of 180): 150.7. Sociology majors have to be comfortable scrutinizing data and writing long papers.

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10 Best Degrees for Getting into Law School

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"PreLaw" majors : LawSchool reddit

Simply stated, something that could get them a good job if and when law school doesn't pan out; Accounting, Computer Science, etc. Pre-law programs don't seem to actually result in a graduate who is better prepared for law school than other majors. 1. level 2. amacias408.

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Ultimate Guide to PreLaw: 13 Tips to Prepare for Law School

Law schools, like top colleges, want to admit students who have been able to excel in challenging courses and difficult subjects, and pre-law isn't considered a difficult major. While your GPA is a critical component of your law school applications, a 4.0 in mechanical engineering is more impressive to a law school than a 4.0 in pre-law.

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The 10 Most Affordable Law Schools in the United States

1. The University of Arkansas. Fayetteville, Arkansas. Points: 4 points. Website. Our top …
2. The University of Alabama. Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Points: 4 points. Website. One of the …
3. The University of Mississippi. University, Mississippi. Points: 2 points. Website. The …
4. The University of Georgia. Athens, Georgia. Featured Programs. Points: 4 points. Website. …
5. The University of Montana. Missoula, Montana. Points: 3 points. Website. Students at the …
6. The University of North Dakota. Grand Forks, North Dakota. Points: 2 points. Website. The …
7. The University of the District of Columbia. Washington, D.C. Points: 2 points. Website. One …
8. CUNY School of Law. Long Island City, New York. Points: 2 points. Website. CUNY School …
9. Southern University Law Center. Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Points: 2 points. Website. Law …
10. The University of Wyoming. Laramie, Wyoming. Points: 2 points. Website. The University of …

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Best Pre Law Schools and Majors Degrees and Programs

1. There are no restrictions for which bachelor's degrees are acceptable for law school. There are, however, degrees that will better prepare the student. History is one good choice for the pre-law student. The legal system in the United States has developed over a period of centuries, growing out of an established English legal system during the early colonizing years in the United States. As a history major, a student will have the opportunity to learn how those early years affected society and the governing laws of each period. Students will study developing political systems, famous trials, treaties, and international history. All of these subjects will afford the student the opportunity to understand how the law affects the rules of society. Knowing these things will help the student have a solid grasp on precedents that established our laws. It will also help the student become a more persuasive litigator by knowing the history behind the law.View pre-law history programs...

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2022 Best Colleges with PreLaw Studies Degrees Niche

1. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 4 Year. TROY, NY. Rating 3.57 out of 5 1,041 reviews. …
2. University of Maryland - College Park. 4 Year. COLLEGE PARK, MD. Rating 3.65 out of 5 …
3. Michigan State University. 4 Year. EAST LANSING, MI. Rating 3.86 out of 5 5,708 reviews. …
4. University of Tulsa. 4 Year. TULSA, OK. Rating 3.79 out of 5 670 reviews. #118 Best …
5. Denison University. 4 Year. GRANVILLE, OH. Rating 3.44 out of 5 670 reviews. #132 Best …
6. University of Utah. 4 Year. SALT LAKE CITY, UT. Rating 3.77 out of 5 4,025 reviews. #146 …
7. University of Cincinnati. 4 Year. CINCINNATI, OH. Rating 3.7 out of 5 3,806 reviews. #167 …
8. Creighton University. 4 Year. OMAHA, NE. Rating 3.64 out of 5 1,048 reviews. #180 Best …
9. Thomas Jefferson University. 4 Year. PHILADELPHIA, PA. Rating 3.59 out of 5 994 …
10. Florida Institute of Technology. 4 Year. MELBOURNE, FL. Rating 3.7 out of 5 1,042 …

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Top 10 Majors for Getting Into Law School Best Law

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Best College Programs for PreLaw Francis Falkenstein Law

While law school is the ultimate goal for any aspiring attorney, pre-law programs are also incredibly important. Some students may not feel their undergraduate major plays a large role in their ultimate career plan, but becoming a lawyer requires a particular skill set that the right pre-law program can provide. Students who possess the skills […]

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25 Best Summer PreLaw Programs for 2020

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1. Penn State Law. Penn State Law School offers an excellent summer pre law program for undergraduate students who are considering attending law school. One of the perks of this program is that it is entirely free.
2. NYU/ Harvard: TRIALS. This summer pre law program is a collaborative partnership between the Law School at New York University, Harvard Law School, and the Advantage Testing Foundation.
3. St. John’s University School of Law. St. John’s University School of Law has a variety of programs for prospective law school students. One of their most popular offerings is their summer pre law program Ronald H. Brown Law School Prep Program for College Students.
4. Drake Law School’s Law Opportunity Leadership Program. Drake Law School’s Law Opportunity Leadership Program is an excellent offering for up to five overachieving first year law students that come from an underrepresented community.
5. University of Akron School of Law. The University of Akron School of Law offers a comprehensive pre law summer program called PLUS. This is geared towards undergraduate students in their freshman and sophomore years who are interested in possibly pursuing law school after graduation.
6. Pace University’s Elisabeth Haub School of Law. Pace University’s Elisabeth Haub School of Law offers a three week PACE Pre-Law certificate program (PPCP).
7. Illinois Institute of Technology/ IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law. The Chicago-Kent College of Law through the Illinois Institute of Technology offers a program called PLUS, Pre-Law Undergraduate Scholars Program.
8. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) offers what is called the ADF Law School Prep Academy. This program is designed specifically for students who are preparing to start law school in the fall.
9. Duke D.C. Summer Institute. Summer Institute was started in 2013 to engage undergraduate students who are considering the pursuit of a law degree.
10. Saint Louis University School of Law. The Saint Louis University School of Law offers a pre law summer opportunity called the Law Scholars Program. This opportunity was designed by the Office of Pre-Law and Pre-Health Studies for incoming freshmen who have the express goal of attending the SLU Law School.

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The Best PreLaw Colleges and Universities LawSchooli

Looking for the Best Pre-Law Undergraduate Schools? The best choice for a college or university to go to if you are considering law school is easy!Go to any good College or University where you can get good grades. As for a major, do what interests you. Law schools, unlike medical schools, do not have rigid pre-set requirements.

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10 Best PreLaw Undergraduate Programs JDJournal

CUNY City College. At only $7,125/a year, CUNY City College is an affordable choice for pre-law students. The curriculum is a mix of economics, English, philosophy, and political science courses

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Prelaw Undergraduate Scholars (PLUS) Programs The Law

You Are the Future of a Diverse and Inclusive Legal Profession. A legal education can open the door to a wide range of career opportunities. The LSAC PLUS Program offers aspiring legal professionals a window about what to expect in law school and supportive insights about the law school enrollment journey.

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What Are the Best Schools with PreLaw Degree Programs?

What Are the Best Schools with Pre-Law Degree Programs? Get info on choosing a school for your pre-law studies. Review three top schools in this field, based on their national rankings and law school rankings. Explore your options for a pre

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B.S. in Law and Policy Online PreLaw Degree Liberty

The best program depends on your needs as a student. At Liberty, we offer a 100% online pre-law program to help you earn your degree and meet requirements for law school while still maintaining

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Best PreLaw Colleges FindLaw

Selecting the best pre-law college is one of the first steps toward a successful career in the legal field. While the school you choose is not necessarily determinative of what law school you'll attend, selecting the right undergraduate program for you can certainly set you up for success down the road.

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Best UK universities for law – league table University

Satisfied with teaching The rating for the quality of feedback and assessment, given by final-year students in the NSS 85.7. Satisfied with feedback Number of students per member of teaching staff

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What is the Best Undergrad Major for Law School? Earnest

Notably, studying law as an undergraduate major may not necessarily set up you up for success if you’re hoping to earn an advanced degree in law. According to data from 78,000 law school applicants in 2011-2012, provided to U.S. News & World Report by the Law School Admission Council , students who majored in pre-law were less likely to be

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2020 Most Affordable Online Colleges for Law Degrees

2020 Most Affordable Online Colleges for Law Degrees. All 22 of these colleges and universities offer affordable online bachelor's in law degrees. Western Carolina University, the #1 option, charges only $5,670 per year. Ranked #2, Fort Hays State University offers a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science - Pre-Law at a tuition rate of $6,778

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Cheapest Law Schools for Avoiding SixFigure Student Loan

The Levin College of Law at the University of Florida is one of the cheapest law schools listed here, with three years of law school costing just under $67,000. The average student loan balance of Levin graduates is about $15,000 higher than that. Unfortunately, graduates can expect below-average salaries.

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15 PreLaw Jobs To Explore

Pre-law jobs. After earning a bachelor's degree with a pre-law designation, many students continue to law school, but it is not required. There are many job opportunities for candidates who hold a pre-law designation on their degree. Here are 15 common pre-law jobs to explore: 1. Victim advocate.

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Best PreLaw Studies colleges in Wisconsin

Find the best Pre-Law Studies colleges in Wisconsin on View school information and student reviews for Pre-Law Studies colleges in Wisconsin.

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Best PreLaw Studies colleges in Pennsylvania

Best Pre-Law Studies colleges in Pennsylvania for 2021. DeSales University. Center Valley, PA. DeSales University offers 1 Pre-Law Studies degree programs. It's a small, private not-for-profit, four-year university in a outlying rural area. In 2019, 1 Pre-Law Studies students graduated with students earning 1 Bachelor's degree.

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Best PreLaw Schools for Future Lawyers ThoughtCo

1. Amherst College. Located in Amherst, Massachusetts, Amherst College is one of the …
2. Barnard College. One of two women's colleges on this list, Barnard College has a range of …
3. George Washington University. George Washington University's location in the nation's …
4. Georgetown University. Another university in Washington, D.C., Georgetown University has …
5. Harvard University. Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is home to one of the …
6. Morehouse College. In an AccessLex Institute ranking of the number of applicants per …
7. Spelman College. Sitting next to Morehouse College is Spelman College, a historically Black …
8. UC Berkeley. The University of California at Berkeley, one of the nation's top public …
9. UCLA. UCLA typically ranks #1 in the country for its sheer number of law school …
10. University of Chicago. The University of Chicago is one of the most selective universities in …

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The Best Undergraduate PreLaw Schools — TKG

The Best Undergraduate Pre-Law Schools . Caroline Koppelman. July 14, 2019. Whether or not you know what you want to major in, it’s hard to decide where you want to go to college. And it’s safe to say that students put even more pressure on themselves when they’re leaning towards a career path that will require additional schooling.

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What is the best prelaw major? Quora

Answer (1 of 6): A2A As one person notes, the ABA suggests that certain majors will prepare you for law school. But, most of those they list are already general requirements to receive any bachelors degree (English, humanities, philosophy, economics, etc.), so unless they fascinate you and you w

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What Aspiring Lawyers Should Know About Prelaw Majors

An undergraduate prelaw curriculum may also include seminars on specific areas of law like constitutional law, and it could include classes on …

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Pre Law Majors Undergraduate Law Schools

Your undergraduate college or university may employ a pre-law advisor, whose job it is to help you in choosing the best courses, minors and majors to prepare you for future law school success. Check with your school to see if they offer pre-law advisors and/or a pre-law department. Washington University School of Law, Top-20 law school - 1-Year

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2021 best Law schools Undergrad Rankings CRN

2021 best Law schools Undergrad Rankings CRN. Find and compare undergrad rankings for Law Schools nationally, regionally and by state for 2021. Compare 4 year colleges, community colleges and (when available) professional schools. search and create your own rankings for the criteria important for you with the big blue Search Degree button.

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Top 20 Pre Law Programs In America Gate Education

Top 20 Pre Law Programs In America . Top 20 Pre Law Programs in America. Listed by the lowest acceptance rates, with the lowest being the best. Listed by School Name, Degree, Average Tuition, Average Room and Board And Acceptance Rate. Barry University offers two undergraduate law degrees, one in Legal Studies and the other in Pre Law.

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Best Undergraduate Degree for Law School? : Ask_Lawyers

I do think majors like History do give you some skills in research, critical reading, and making an argument - all of which will help in Law School, but, ultimately, the major itself doesn't give you any leg up in Law School applications. Certainly, Pre-Law doesn't really matter at all.

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Prelaw degree Undergraduate Programs University of

Pre-law degree. Many Waterloo graduates pursue careers in law and we can help you with your first step to becoming a lawyer: earning an undergraduate degree. An undergraduate degree is what you apply to from high school. Most law schools require at least three years of university studies before you can apply for admission.

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What is the best undergraduate major other than prelaw

Answer (1 of 4): What is the best undergraduate major other than pre-law for future law students? ANYTHING other than pre-law is a better major than pre-law for future law students. You could major in underwater basket weaving, cryptozoology, or surfing, and it would still be a better major tha

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What Degrees Prepare You for Law School? learn

1. Law schools accept students with bachelor's degrees in any field. The American Bar Association does not recommend any particular undergraduate course of study to prepare for law school. Prospective law students might choose a bachelor's degree program that will help them specialize their law practice, such as an art or music degree if they wish to pursue entertainment law. Degrees in social sciences or liberal arts can also prepare you for general law education.

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Top 20 Pre Law Programs In America America Education

The requirements of an undergraduate degree are combined with courses in Logic, Political Science and Legal History, thus giving the student more choices in electives than any degree. Barry University offers two undergraduate law degrees, one in Legal Studies and the other in Pre Law. The pre law department works in conjunction with the History

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Law Colleges in Canada: Courses, Fees, Eligibility

Law Colleges in Canada: Eligibility for PhD. Mandatory to serve the general eligibility prerequisites of the graduate and postgraduate studies. Must procure an LLM degree from the concerned university or another equally recognised one. Have at least secured a GPA of 3.7 at their JD level and completed an LLM.

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The Best PreLaw Studies Colleges 2022 College Raptor

Pre-Law Studies programs prepare individuals for the professional study of law at the post-baccalaureate level. Students studying Pre-Law Studies can be awarded a degree up to a Bachelors degree. On average, 43% percent of men and 57% percent of women make up the degrees awarded across all college campuses.

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Top 50 Law Schools Velocity Test Prep

Top 50 Law Schools So, you rocked your college grades, steamrolled the LSAT, impressed/conned/bribed your professors into writing outstanding recommendation letters, crafted the perfect law school resume, and rounded out all of that perfection with an ideal theme for your personal statement and supplementary essays.

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What Are the Requirements to Get Into Law School?

Because the Juris Doctor is a postgraduate degree, law schools generally require that you have completed (or be on track to complete) a 4-year bachelor’s degree. There are no prerequisite courses for prospective law students, though your degree must come from an accredited institution and your undergraduate GPA will be scrutinized.

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Best Majors for Law School Applicants ThoughtCo

1. English. Critical reading and persuasive writing are two of the most important skills a law student can possess. English majors are especially prepared for those tasks, having studied literature, composition, and writing.
2. History. History majors are required to organize dense materials and present a persuasive argument, which is exactly what law students must do in a brief or during trial advocacy.
3. Political Science. Political science is a natural choice for students thinking about applying to law school. As part of their major, students learn about judicial systems and how laws are created and executed.
4. Criminal Justice. A criminal justice degree can offer undergraduate majors an introduction to law, with an emphasis on court proceedings, the corrections systems, and a broad overview of how the various levels of the legal system work.
5. Philosophy. An off-the-radar major that students may want to consider is philosophy. This major requires students to gain an understanding of complex philosophical issues that involve ethics, theory, human relations, and abstract concepts.
6. Psychology. The law often deals with human behavior and the underlying motivation of people’s actions. Majoring in psychology allows students to learn to interact with people in the legal world, whether it involves other attorneys, clients, judges, social workers, or ancillary staff.
7. Economics. Most economics majors must process large amounts of data in a logical fashion. Concepts are usually presented as a problem and students must work to find a solution.
8. Business. Business may not be the first undergraduate major that comes to mind for those heading to law school, but the coursework is often rigorous and challenging, which impresses law school admissions committees.
9. Science. A major in the sciences might seem like an unlikely undergraduate degree for a law school hopeful. However, undergraduate majors like biology and chemistry require thorough research, extensive dedication to lab time, and the ability to exercise analytical skills.
10. Math. While math is not often associated with the legal field, abilities such as analytical skills, logical reasoning, problem solving, and dealing with different types of data are all integral tools in both math and legal careers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are cheap pre-law degrees worth it?

Cheap pre-law degree majors introduce undergrads to our nation’s constitutional set of rules and regulations. Pre-law curricula often aligns to Law School Admission Council guidelines to make passing the LSAT easier. Therefore, pre-law majors have a good chance of getting into the 201 ABA-accredited law schools for a Juris Doctor.

What is a pre-law degree?

When people say “pre-law,” they simply mean that they approached college with the plan that, after graduating, they would one day apply to law school. While there is no pre-law major or set of required classes, you can still prepare for law school while in college. Here are just a few ways you can do that: Take classes on law and legal history.

Does Liberty University have a pre-law program?

Liberty University’s Bachelor of Science in Law and Policy – Pre-Law program can help provide you with the foundation you’ll need to pursue work as a legal aide or go on to law school. Do law schools accept online degrees?

What are the best schools for pre-law students?

Harvard also has several organizations for pre-law students, including the Harvard Law Society and the Harvard College Black Pre-Law Association. You'll also be able to take advantage of Harvard's alumni network at top schools and law firms.